Fall Home Tour 2019

Now that our cozy cottage has been transformed for fall, come take a tour to see what autumn home decor has been added to be ready for our Cottages and Bungalows magazine photoshoot.

Greenhouse with fall cornstalks and pumpkins

Decorating for fall is one of my favorite things to do. It’s the time when I see the biggest changes happening to both my house and garden for the year.

I have to admit, it makes me sad to see the flowers dying off. And I don’t have the opportunity to play in the garden every day.

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Cottage living room with fall decor

Fall Living Room Tour

I change out the pillows from bright yellows and blues to roses, creams, and grays. The fresh summer flowers are replaced by dried hydrangeas and statice from my cutting garden.

Fall decor vignette with suitcase and pumpkins

Because I don’t have a fireplace mantle, I use the top of this cabinet to style fall vignettes. There are so many fun textures when shopping for pumpkins now, so I try to mix it up!

Fall floral arrangement

I try to mix some fresh-cut flowers into my fall decor. My garden is full of dahlias, which last well into the first freeze of the season, but I ordered more seeds for next year so I can have more of a variety of fall flowers throughout the season. Eucalyptus makes a great flower filler when making an arrangement.

Black glass cabinet with white ironstone and sunflowers

I love fresh sunflowers and enjoy them for the month of September, but as the fall season progresses, I switch them out for dried flowers and grasses.

Fall decor with vintage scale, picnic basket, glass window

You’ll see a constant theme in my vignettes. There are a lot of dried hydrangeas, picnic baskets, and pumpkins throughout.

Fall cottage decor in living room with decorative pillows

I also brought out the curly willow tree branches for the season. Some twinkle lights make it much more warm and more festive around here. I’ve limited the amount of transitional orange I put in the living room because I have a thing for turquoise and rose. But I might change it up next year.

Pot rack, butcher block island, turquoise glass cabinet in kitchen

Fall Kitchen Tour

The fall home tour continues with the kitchen. The fall decor here is all about wood cutting boards, copper, and dried flowers.

Fall hydrangeas in a vintage sink

Who doesn’t love a farm sink full of flowers? These hydrangeas came from my garden! This is the first year that they had such a beautiful color to them, and it was the first year I dried my hydrangeas. They were the perfect fall addition to my home.

Turquoise glass cabinet and open shelving in cottage kitchen

You can do so much with food when trying to decorate the kitchen. I loved the look of artichokes, pears, pomegranates, and baked goods on the counters.

Vintage built-in cabinet in cottage living room with fall accessories

Fall Bedroom Tour

Continuing with the fall home tour, I might have overdone it a bit in the bedroom with all the dried flowers.

Built in, chandelier, patchwork quilt and dachshund on bed

Here’s my sweet model Lucy! She actually looks great with the fall decor!

Rainbow above the fall trees and Puget Sound water view at sunset

Fall Outdoor Views

Check out this amazing view we had one fall evening. We pretty much had it all here…a rainbow, dark clouds, sun shining on the trees across the way, and that beautiful calm water with the sailboats. If only there were still flowers in the garden!

Here’s a fall tour of the greenhouse. I didn’t do too much to the greenhouse this year. But I’ve already been thinking about creating a haunted house for Halloween next year!

Pumpkins in the greenhouse

I am going to try to grow our pumpkins next year! We don’t have a lot of room, so it should be interesting. I love any pumpkin that is white or green!

Pumpkins outside on a vintage metal motel chair
Side view of greenhouse with fall cornstalks and pumpkins

I hope you enjoyed my fall home tour! It was a lot of fun decorating this year, knowing that everything we did was going to be featured in the autumn issue of Cottages and Bungalows.

Until next time,

Happy Fall!


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