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Random This & That

How is fall treating you?

It’s a rainy Sunday here in the Pacific Northwest, but that’s not stopping me from working in the garden today.

October always seems like the busiest month of the year for me.

The garden needs a ton of work right now. But with the weather changing, I’m ready to start nesting and working on some projects that are long overdue.

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I’m drying a new batch of hydrangeas from the garden. Can you believe this incredible dusty pink color the blooms have turned?

Are you having FRUIT FLY issues? They always make us crazy this time of year and I have more of them in the house than ever before.

We have always put apple cider vinegar in a small bowl with a drop of liquid soap to eliminate them. Is there a method you use to get rid of these pesky bugs?

Metropolitan Market FINALLY opened in Gig Harbor this last week.

It is truly an amazing shopping experience. I did learn that I can never come back here when I’m hungry!

I had to take a picture of this cauliflower display. It was the first thing I laid eyes on when I entered the store and it made the biggest impact. Just look at those colors.

They have the most beautiful selection of flowers.

Here’s an update on the upstairs flip.

The guest room is now painted and clean. I’m waiting for the new headboard and curtains. I still haven’t picked out a rug yet.

Now I’m starting to work on the office. Want to see the newly updated desk?

The top of the desk is the only part here left over from the original desk. Obviously, I still need to paint it. I want to give it a distressed look. I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below.

I’ll also be painting the room and changing out the light fixture. Hopefully, I’ll make some progress and show you the other side of the room next week.

It’s Beginning to Smell Like Christmas

Antique Candle Co. has brought all the nostalgic favorites are back just in time for the most wonderful time of the year.

  • Homemade Gingerbread
  • Peppermint
  • Tree Farm by Vintage Porch
  • Christmas Day
  • Good Tidings

You can mix and match all your favorites by building your own bundle.

While Spiced Cranberry isn’t officially in stock yet, you can still snag a Merry Christmas Sample Pack and try it before it launches!

Shop for candles here. And there are still all your favorite fall scents too! Or choose the Fall & Christmas Bundle of Eight to enjoy the best of both seasons.

In the Garden

I cleaned the greenhouse out yesterday to get ready to overwinter the geraniums that I’ll be bringing in here this week. I’m hoping to dig them out of the containers and window boxes by Monday when the low temps reach 38 degrees F.

So let’s see where I’m at with my fall garden to-do list…

  • Transplant geraniums to pots and move into the greenhouse – I’m finishing this today
  • Plant fall containersHopefully this will be done today
  • Decorate the greenhouse for Halloween and fall
  • Clean out garden beds: Pull any spent annuals and cut back perennials
  • Plant spring bulbs – Starting some today
  • Add mulch to garden beds for protection against cold weather
  • Divide and transplant perennials

What’s Happening at Shiplap and Shells…


Now that autumn is here, it’s time to refresh those window boxes, containers, and flower pots. Let me show you 9 of my favorite fall plants that are perfect for your container gardens.


Are you looking for a fun and inexpensive DIY idea? You can make this easy DIY wooden pumpkin for fall using just a few scrap pieces of wood, and a broken tree branch.

Coming Up on the Blog:

Spring bulbs planted in fall 

How fallen leaves can benefit your garden

My Favorite Inspiration Around the Web…

My talented friend Juliet at Make Mine a Spitzer shares her simple ideas for a cozy fall home. She has the most beautiful home and garden.

Rachel at The Ponds Farmhouse is one of the most creative people I know. I’m loving this fall garland craft project I knew I had to share it this week.

Michael at Inspired by Charm always shares the best recipes! You’ll definitely want to check out how to make some delicious pumpkin apple cider.

More Inspiration…

Pumpkin waffles and spiced butter recipe.

Decorating your entry for fall.

Styling a dough bowl for fall.

How to create a gourmet s’mores bar.

19 easy-to-find plants for fall containers.

Homemade applesauce recipe.

In Case You Missed It…


I’d love to hear from you! Leave me a comment and let me know what you’d like to see on the blog! Thank you for being here. It means the world.

Until next time,


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  1. The new desk looks great I bet you are loving your new office! Fruitflies are the worst right? THanks for sharing my fall garden plant ideas!

    1. Everything is coming together in the office/studio. It should be done by the end of October. I’m still having problems making a decision about what color to paint the desk.

  2. So excited to dive into these links, Kim! Thanks so much for including my gourmet smores bar, I really appreciate it. I can’t get over your pink hydrangeas. They are gorgeous! I love the direction you’re headed in the office too. The table is fabulous and I know the view must be amazing too. I’m super excited to follow along on all your ideas. Sending you lots of hugs and thank yous, CoCo

    1. Thank you for being here CoCo. I need some suggestions on what color to paint my desk. I am struggling with being able to make a decision. I’m so excited for this space though.

  3. Kim,
    Carol from Whidbey here. I read up on your posts about overwitering my geraniums and I had been doing most of it right, but this year I went a step further and took ALL of them out of the pots, my sweet hubs is going to wash them out next spring before we replant things in them. I cut back, especially the older woodier parts, anything that looked healthy I dipped in root tone and stuck in pots and watered. I have ones that belonged to my friend Kris who passed last fall. She had corals, and hot pinks, and a coral pink that I just love. Those are the ones I really want to grow more of.
    My greenhouse isn’t heated during the winter, yet, so will be taking them into the garage, right next to the freezer that will give off some heat so they won’t freeze.
    My neighbor gave me Dahlia tubors, so they are in the greenhouse under some straw. I think they will be ok in the greenhouse during the winter. By next summer we will be living oputhere full time, shile building an addition onto our tiny house. so I can do even more gardeining..
    Thanks for your great garden tips, hope to connect in person with you soon.

    1. Hi Carol! Thank you so much for your comments. It sounds like you’ve already been very busy and one step closer to having an amazing garden next year. I’m sure your dahlia tubers will be very happy under the straw in the greenhouse. Happy gardening!

  4. Kim, one of these years I am going to experiment with wintering my geraniums. What bulbs do you plant? Longfield gardens will be shipping more dahlia bulbs to me as not one free last year. However I’m not even sure they grow in 9b. Love your weekend wrap up!

    1. Hi Mary! I’m planning on planting tulips, daffodils, hyacinth, crocus, allium, and gladiolas. But I’m really going to have to make sure to spray for deer whenever it’s dry. They will eat the tulips very quickly if I don’t stay on top of it. Dahlias are considered hardy perennials in zone 9. It looks like you plant the tubers in fall and winter for spring blooms. And we plant ours in April for summer bulbs.

  5. Kim,
    Your new desk is awesome! Love those chunky legs. I know it’s going to look amazing when you finish. Thanks for sharing my garland this week. You are so sweet and I appreciate you so much.

    1. Thanks, Rachel! I am so excited about the desk but have no idea how I want to paint and distress the desk. I’m going to need some serious advice on this.

    1. Hi Barbara! Hope fall is treating you well my friend. The office is starting to really look good, can’t wait to share when I’m finished.

  6. It must be so beautiful there in the fall. I love moody weather. I am always wondering where the bloggers I read get all their energy. So many accomplished folks. Re: Your table top: I saw the most beautiful table similar to yours at a shop I love. The legs were a wood finish (a little darker) and the top was zinc. Not being very crafty I could not figure out how it was done. But so gorgeous.

    1. Hi Jillian! That table sounds amazing! I’m not quite sure how I’m going to finish the desk, I really need help with inspiration. As far as all that blogger energy, I often wonder the same thing. I definitely can’t keep up with most of them. I’m just trying to have fun and enjoy the process. I so appreciate you being here and leaving me a comment.

  7. Those pink hydrangeas are amazing Kim and I love your office desk?. We’ve been using the Apple cider vinegar too for fruit flys??

    1. Thanks, Ann! I’m taking any suggestions for the finish of my desk. I want it to look old even though it’s not.

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