Best Cottage Garden Plants to Grow in Containers

Shiplap and Shells

Selecting the right plants is key to creating the beautiful cottage-style outdoor setting you’ve been dreaming of.  Follow along for my favorite cottage garden plants to grow in containers. 

When selecting plants for containers in a cottage garden, choose varieties that will thrive in the confined space of a pot.

Look for plants that have a compact growth habit yet bloom abundantly. Consider their water and soil needs to ensure they can flourish in a container.

Geraniums Geraniums grow well in containers of any shape and size. Just be sure that the container has drainage holes.

Petunias These flowers can thrive in containers and they add a whimsical charm to any garden.

Lavender This cottage garden plant is perfect for creating a serene and soothing vibe in your garden. 

Pansies (Violas) These flowers can be planted in containers to decorate patios, steps, and window boxes, adding a quaint, cottage-style coziness to any space.

Planting herbs in containers around can add to the charm of your cottage garden.  Combine plants with varying heights, colors, and blooming periods to create a mini cottage garden in each container.

Choose plants that provide visual interest across multiple seasons through long-lasting blooms, attractive foliage, or interesting textures. For more a full list of cottage flower garden plants, visit the blog.

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