Creating a Coastal Cottage Summer Table Arrangement


Experience the beauty of coastal living with a stunning summer tablescape.  Follow along to create and capture the essence of the seaside in every detail.  .

Inspiration from the Coastal Waters

Bring elements like seashells, driftwood, and nautical accents for an authentic coastal feel.

Choosing a Coastal Color Palette

Embrace the calming hues of the coast. Use a color palette of whites, blues, and sandy neutrals for a serene and beachy vibe.

Table Linens and Textures

Choose table linens that reflect the coastal cottage feel. Consider natural fibers, such as linen or cotton, and incorporate textures like burlap or jute.

Seaside-Inspired Centerpieces

Create centerpieces with beach-inspired elements. Fill glass vases with seashells, coral, or driftwood for an organic and coastal touch.

Nautical Table and Glassware

Incorporate seashell-shaped plates, anchor motifs, or blue glassware to enhance the coastal vibe.

Candlelight and Coastal Ambiance

Add a touch of warmth and ambiance with candles. Try coastal-inspired candle holders or lanterns to infuse your tablescape with soft, flickering light.

Finishing Touches: Beachy Accents

Elevate your coastal cottage tablescape with beachy accents. Consider adding starfish or sea glass as the final charming details.

Seaside Dining Experience

Surround yourself in the coastal cottage atmosphere. Play gentle ocean sounds, light ocean-scented candles, and savor a delicious seafood-inspired menu.

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