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Your Guide to Cutting Back Outdoor Ferns

Shiplap and Shells

Are your outdoor ferns looking old and tired?

It's so easy to cut back your evergreen ferns for a fresh new look and an even healthier plant in spring.

Ferns Have Fronds

Ferns have fronds, or leaves, which last for only a year or so. The old fronds start to die back and turn brown while the new growth comes in.

When to Cut Back Ferns

The end of winter or early spring is the ideal time before the new fronds start to emerge.

How to Cut Back Outdoor Ferns

Use sharp and clean pruning shears to cut old fern fronds down to the ground.

When Do New Fronds Grow Back?

It takes about 2-4 weeks to grow new fronds, depending on variety and climate.

What to Expect After Pruning Ferns

Tiny “curled fists” start forming at the base of the fern which will unfurl delicate fronds, creating a fresh new plant .

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