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How to Cut Back Outdoor Evergreen Ferns

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Are your outdoor ferns looking old and tired?

Let me guide you through the best practices for cutting back outdoor evergreen ferns.

Types of Ferns to Cut Back

– Deer Fern – Boston Fern or   Sword Ferns – Deer Fern – Bracken Ferns – Lady Fern – Oak Fern

As ferns typically cycle their fronds or leaves every year, you’ll notice older fronds turn brown and wither, making way for new growth.

Cutting back the older fronds to the ground not only cleans up the outdoor fern but also stimulates the growth of new fronds.

The late winter months are the ideal time of year for cutting back outdoor fern plants, especially in late February.

Using sharp pruning tools, cut the fern fronds to the ground.

Prune your evergreen ferns before new fiddleheads, the curled beginnings of new fronds, start to show. This reduces the risk of damaging the new growth.

It usually takes about 2-4 weeks for new fronds to fully develop after cutting back outdoor evergreen ferns., depending on the variety and climate.

Proper care of your outdoor evergreen ferns includes removing any fronds affected by pest infestation or diseases.

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