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Why You Should Grow Sweet Peas in the Garden

Shiplap and Shells

Every summer garden needs some old-fashioned sweet peas growing in it. Here's why... 


Easy to Grow &  Care For

Fragrant sweet peas are easy to grow from seed and need minimal care. They grow best in cool climates with light shade and plenty of water.  These old-fashioned flowers are perfect for beginning gardeners.

Sweet Pea Flowers Grow Quickly

Sweet peas grow quickly and reach full maturity within two months if planted at the right time.

Vibrant Colors and Abundant Varieties

With their wide range of bright colors and sweet scent, sweet peas make a great addition to any flower arrangement.

The Sweet Smell of Every Bloom

Annual sweet peas have the most amazing and sweet fragrance. The open-pollinated heirloom varieties are best known for their incredible fragrance.

The Perfect Cutting Flower

With their stunning colors and straight long stems, sweet peas are the perfect cut flower for any late spring or early summer bouquet.

Deer Resistant

These colorful flowers feature a strong fragrance and a slightly bitter taste, making them unappealing to deer.

Pollinator Friendly

These fragrant blooms are a favorite of bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects, providing them with a rich source of nectar and pollen.

Whether you grow annual sweet peas from seed or from starts, you will love having them in your garden this late spring and summer. Follow the blog to see more..

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