4th of July Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Shiplap and Shells

Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue, a block party, or just looking to add festive flair to your front porch, this guide is full of patriotic outdoor decorating ideas for the 4th of July.

Patio Decor

Add throw pillows and decorative tablecloths to your porch or deck that adds to the red, white, and blue theme.

Bunting & Banners

Using 4th of July decorations such as red, white, and blue bunting is a great way to bring that patriotic vibe to your outdoor spaces.

American Flags

Tie miniature flags to lights of string, place them in baskets of flowers and potted plants, or use them for wreaths. The options are endless.

Patriotic Flowers

Display flowers such as red geraniums, blue hydrangeas, or white daisies.

Light up the Night

As the sun starts going down and you’re waiting for the fireworks to illuminate the sky, make sure your outdoor space is dazzling with bistro or twinkle lights.

Welcome Chalkboard

If you’re looking for “outside the box” 4th of July party decor, why not add a chalkboard to your porch with a welcoming message to your guests?

Last Minute Touches

Add small staked flags to potted plants and walkway or fill vases or pots with red geraniums, white daisies, or any other color-appropriate flowers for your outdoor table..

Show off your creativity and love for the red, white, and blue. It’s time to celebrate Independence Day in style and have a lot of fun doing it! See more ideas on the blog.

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Shiplap and Shells