Cloche Ideas for Your Valentine’s Day Decor

Shiplap and Shells

Trying to find fresh ideas for Valentine's Day home decor? How about putting your glass cloches to use and display seasonal favorites that will have your heart?


The Neutral Cloche

Because it's winter, I still love my neutral decor. You don't have to use reds or pinks like typical Valentine’s Day decor to make a statement.

3 Hearts Cloche

I found this wire heart at a craft store. The wooden hearts are Christmas ornaments.

Be Creative With Scrapbook Paper

Don't be afraid to add homemade hearts and art to your glass cloche. 

Succulent Cup Cloche

Find a cup that you love and add faux flowers or succulents to them.

Transferware Cup Cloche

Here I used 2 red and white transferware cups with some decorative rosettes, moss, and scrabble letters.

White Chocolate Strawberry Cloche

These faux white chocolate-dipped strawberries look great in this smaller cloche. 

Cup of Pink Flowers Cloche

This black and white patterned cup is filled with faux pink flowers and moss along the bottom.

When it comes to displaying Valentine's Day decor under glass cloches, the possibilities are endless. Just use your imagination. For more ideas, visit the blog.

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