7 Tips for Beginners Starting a Flower Garden


Are you  ready to start a garden of your own? Here are 7 tips for beginners who are thinking about starting a flower garden.

From choosing the right location and preparing the soil to selecting the right plants to grow and how to maintain them, I’ve got you covered!


Choose the right location so your garden will thrive with at least 6 hours of daily sun, well-draining soil, and access to a water source.

Prepare your soil by removing weeds and other debris, breaking up and aerating the soil, adding organic matter and performing a soil test.


Determine which plants will thrive in your hardiness zone , existing soil conditions, and sunlight.


Plant your flowers at the right time. Wait until the last frost date to plant your flowers in the garden. Be sure to harden off or acclimate any indoor plants before bringing outdoors.


 Water deeply and less frequently to encourage deep root growth.  It's important to water the soil, not the foliage.


Maintain your garden by controlling weeds, deadheading any spent flower heads, and supporting your tall flowers to keep them from falling over.


Control pests and diseases in your garden. Space your plants to give enough airflow, don't overwater, and walk the garden daily to react to pest issues early.


If you're a beginner gardener, starting a flower garden can seem intimidating at first, but it can also be a rewarding experience. Visit the blog for more tips.

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