Anchor Plants Perfect for Cottage Gardens


When choosing anchor plants for a cottage garden, prioritize those that provide structure and form the garden’s backbone throughout the year.

HYDRANGEA - These versatile flowering shrubs are known for their stunning blooms, ranging in colors from vivid blues and purples to soft pinks and whites.


These anchor plants should be strong, offering height and breadth to help define the garden’s layout and create visual interest in all seasons.

PEONIES - Peonies come in various colors, from pure white and soft pinks to rich reds and deep maroons. Their lush, full flowers make a dramatic statement when in bloom during late spring to early summer.


Look for species with a commanding presence, such as showy foliage, impressive blooms, or interesting architectural forms.

ROSE BUSH - Old-fashioned roses are always at the top of the list when looking for flowers that bring beauty and charm to a cottage garden.


Anchor plants should also be perennials, requiring minimal maintenance once established. They should blend harmoniously with other plants typical of a cottage garden’s informal style.

lilacs -These perennials are often grown as hedge plants because they can provide structural height and a sense of privacy - their dense clusters of blooms add a burst of early color, energizing the garden after the winter months.


To see the full list of cottage garden flower and plants, visit the blog!

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