Beginner's Guide to Maintaining Your Garden


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After you plant your flower garden, it's important to maintain your flower beds to keep them healthy and beautiful. Here are some garden task examples.

Removing weeds as soon as they sprout or at least before they seed will help prevent them from taking over your garden and competing with your plants for nutrients.

Adding a couple of inches of mulch to your garden beds is an effective way to control weeds. It inhibits weed germination and growth.

The process of removing dead flower heads from a plant is called deadheading. 

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This encourages more bloom production. The plant can then redirect its energy to producing healthy, new flowers.


Depending on the flower, the stems may need additional support to stand tall. Choose from various support methods to keep your flowers from falling over in the garden.

Support Methods: – Netting – Staking – Corralling – Trellising – Grow Through Supports

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Practicing proper gardening techniques can help prevent fungal disease in your garden.

– Promote airflow by giving your plants sufficient space. – Avoid overwatering plants. – Keep water off of the foliage and at the base of the plant.

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