Embracing the Charm of a Cottage Garden


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Step into a garden of colorful blooms, whimsical pathways, and charming seating areas. Here are some tips and ideas on how to create your own enchanting cottage garden.

THE VISION - Begin by envisioning your garden dream space. Imagine a lush, romantic haven full of vibrant flowers, aromatic herbs, and winding paths.

SELECTING THE RIGHT PLANTS - Carefully choose a mix of perennials, annuals, and biennials for year-round beauty I your cottage garden.

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Consider cottage garden favorites such as roses, lavender, foxglove, peonies, and delphinium to grow. Create a mix of colors, heights, and textures.

WHIMSICAL PATHWAYS - In a cottage garden, pathways add incredible charm. Lay stepping stones, use gravel, or create a trail of brick pavers for a path to wind through your garden.

CREATE COZY NOOKS - Add a cozy seating area with a rustic bench, or a table and chairs made of iron. Provide a serene sanctuary to relax and reflect.

NURTURING YOUR GARDEN - Regularly water, weed, and fertilize your plants. Prune and deadhead to promote healthy plant growth.

ARTISTIC TOUCHES  - Add a weathered trellis with climbing vines, install bird feeders and houses, or hang whimsical wind chimes.

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SHARING YOUR MAGICAL GARDEN - Host garden tea parties, picnics, or gatherings in your charming garden. Share and inspire.

Thinking of creating a cottage-style garden full of vibrant colors, eclectic varieties of flowers, and plants with an “anything goes” vibe?

For more cottage garden design ideas to inspire you, visit the blog to see more.

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