Growing Snapdragons: A Quick Start Guide


Have you considered growing gorgeous snapdragon flowers from seed in your garden? This introductory guide will show you the basic ropes of starting snapdragons in your garden.

planting - When planting indoors, follow the proper instructions on sowing seedlings inside through the blog.


watering - Check the seedlings daily to ensure the soil doesn’t dry out. Bottom water when the first row of leaves appear, then water with a gentle spray once the second row of leaves appear.  


prep for sun -  Choose a site that receives at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight daily. This is crucial for developing strong roots, sturdy stems, and vibrant blooms.


FERTILIZing - Use water-soluble indoor plant fertilizer three to four weeks after planting the snapdragon seedlings. Be sure to mix the fertilizer to half-strength.


hardening off -Hardening off your snapdragon seedlings is crucial in preparing them for harsher conditions. This process involves gradually exposing young plants to outdoor conditions for 7 to 10 days.


WHEN TO PLANT - Once the plants have three sets of true leaves, you can transplant your seedlings into the garden a few weeks before the last frost date of the season.


HARVESTING - Timing and technique maximize snapdragons’ vase life when harvested during the growing season. Choose flowers in the early morning when temperatures are cooler and the plants are well-hydrated.


Growing snapdragons from seed is a fun and rewarding process. To view a more in-depth guide for growing snapdragons from seed indoors, visit the blog. 

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