How to Begin Planning for Christmas in July


The holidays bring joy and memories but can also be stressful with last-minute preparations. 

This guide highlights the importance of starting early and why July is perfect for holiday planning.

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July: Laying the Foundation

Summer brings warmth, sunshine, and the perfect opportunity to lay the foundation for a stress-free and joyful Christmas.

One of the first July ideas is to set a budget to determine how much you can afford to spend on gifts, decorations, and other holiday-related expenses.

Make a Budget

There’s no better way to find the perfect gift for your friends and family than by starting to brainstorm gift ideas early.

Create a Gift List

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Create a Gift List for the Best Christmas Presents

Make a list of Christmas gifts to look for in the next few months.

Taking advantage of the summer sales and discounts can help stretch your budget even further, allowing you to find meaningful gifts without breaking the bank.

Begin Shopping for Christmas Gifts

Keep an eye out for those enticing July sale deals and start crossing names off your list.

Begin Shopping for Christmas Gifts

By planning, preparing, and staying organized throughout the months leading up to Christmas, we can truly savor the holiday without the stress and overwhelm that often accompany it.

For a full Christmas-prep timeline, visit the blog.

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