How to Grow Your Own Flower Garden


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From choosing the right location and preparing the soil to selecting the right plants to grow and how to maintain them, here are some simple tips for starting your own garden.

Choose the right location for a  garden. To start, pick an area with six or more hours of sunlight daily and well-draining soil.

Prepare your soil for a flower garden by removing any weeds, rocks, debris, and sod. Perform a soil test to determine any amendments that need adding.

Select the right plants to thrive in your garden environment. Consider sunlight requirements, soil conditions, and if you want to grow annuals, perennials, or a mix of both.

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Know when to plant your flowers in the garden You can determine this by knowing the last frost date in your area. 


Water your flower garden strategically. Plants should be watered deeply and less frequently to encourage deep-root growth.  

Maintaining a flower garden is key to keeping it clean and healthy. Weeding, deadheading, and supporting your tall flowers are all important tasks.

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Dealing with common garden pests and diseases will keep your garden healthy and thriving by proactively addressing common issues early in the growing season.

Walk your garden regularly. Check for pest and disease issues, make sure your watering system is working, and look for plants growing too close together or not thriving.

For more specific info on starting a garden, visit the blog.

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