How to Keep Old Seeds Lasting Longer


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Do you have some seeds left over from the previous growing season? Here are some tips on how to keep your old seeds lasting longer..

Seed viability refers to the ability of the seed to germinate and grow into a healthy plant.

This is impacted by several factors, including the age of the seeds, the type of plant they belong to, and their actual storage life.

Conditions such as room temperature, moisture content of the seed, and exposure to direct sunlight all play key roles in their longevity.

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Seeds thrive in conditions that simulate their natural dormant state which is cool, dry, and dark. Here’s how to achieve these optimal conditions.


Storing seeds in an airtight container or sealed plastic bag can greatly reduce exposure to moisture and air.

A cool area with a consistent temperature, like a basement or a closet, is ideal. Avoid areas prone to drastic temperature fluctuations, such as near heaters or windows.

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Light can stimulate seeds to break dormancy. Store seeds in a dark place or in containers that block light to maintain dormancy.

The seed viability varies by type. While general guidelines suggest 1-3 years for annuals and 2-4 years for perennials under optimal conditions, proper storage can extend their life.

For more information on flower seed viability, including a chart for flower types, visit the blog.

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