How to Keep Your Cut Flower Garden Thriving  

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Do you want healthy and gorgeous homegrown flowers throughout the summer? Follow along as I share some maintenance tips for your cut flower garden.


Natural and organic pest control methods are an eco-friendly approach to managing pests in your cut flower garden.

Managing Pests Naturally


Deep water to encourage root development. Pay close attention to soil moisture and water in early morning.

Water Efficiently

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Feed Your Cut Flower Blooms

Replenish essential nutrients in the soil, promote strong root systems, and extend the blooming period.

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Applying a layer of mulch around flowers is an effective way to suppress weed growth. Manually weeding your cut flower garden is an effective and environmentally friendly way to keep weeds away.

Manage Weeds

Mulch in garden beds acts as insulation, Water deeply and infrequently.  Use shade cloth for temporary relieve.


Protect from Summer Heat

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Support Tall Plants

By staking the stems, the stable structure you’re providing will help them remain upright, and protect them from wind, heavy rain, or even their own blooms.


Pruning and deadheading prevents plants from diverting energy into producing seeds and instead encourages them to produce new flower buds.

Prune, Deadhead, & Harvest

By maintaining your cutting garden and implementing best practices, you will have gorgeous homegrown flowers and your garden will thrive.

To see more, garden maintenance tips, visit my blog.

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