How to Plan a Stunning Cut Flower Garden Layout

Shiplap and Shells

With the right steps and tips, you can create a thriving garden space that will give you colorful blooms all season long.


Choose a Location for Your Annual Cut Flowers

The sunlight, soil, and space needed to grow a fresh-cut garden need to be evaluated before any planting begins.

Evaluate Garden Beds for the Amount of Sunlight Available

When planning a garden bed, choose plants that require similar amounts of light, with some variety for interest.

Choose an Area With Healthy Soil

Choose an area with well-drained and healthy soil that is free from any large root systems. Perform a soil test.

Decide Where to Plant Your Seed Starts

Color palettes, bloom times, and the size the mature plant will be are all considerations when picking the right location.

Calculate the Space Needed for Your Flower Seeds

You should consider the number and type of plants when estimating how much room they will take up.

Design Your Cut Flower Garden Layout

A well thought out designed garden not only enhances the visual appeal but also makes it easier to care for your plants.

Decide What Flower Seeds to Order

Look at aspects such as size, shape, color, and scent of each bloom when selecting varieties for cutting.  

By following the proper steps and a thorough planning process when creating a cut flower garden, you are setting yourself up for a stunning outdoor space to enjoy.

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