How to Water Your Flower Garden


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It can be hard to know how much water your garden needs or when to water your plants. Follow these simple watering tips to create a healthy and flourishing garden.

Plants should be watered deeply and less frequently to encourage deep-root growth. This helps plants absorb more water and become more resilient to drought.

Water the soil and not the plant’s foliage to avoid diseases such as mildew and leaf rot. 

Use a soaker hose or a slow trickle at the plant’s base to avoid the runoff that can lead to the loss of essential nutrients in the soil.

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Reduce the plant’s stress from the heat of the day and the intense sunlight, and water plants during the cooler morning temperatures.


This is the best time to water because the soil retains more moisture in the mornings, so your plants will stay hydrated longer.

If you have a sprinkler system on a timer, turn it off after sufficient rainfall to ensure your plants do not get overwatered.

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Check on your new plants and seedlings often and water as necessary to keep them from drying out.

Check the plant’s soil 3-4 inches below the surface to see if it’s dry or moist. Overwatering can be just as hard on a plant as it drying out.

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