Safeguard Your Garden from Scorching Heat

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Excessive heat is a significant threat to the health and vitality of our gardens, and can affect soil quality and deplete essential nutrients.

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Here are some tips to shield your garden from excessive heat and protect their wellbeing even in the hottest climates.

 -Water in the Morning - Use Soaker and Irrigation Hoses - Provide Your Plants Deep Watering - Do Not Overwater your Garden - Don’t Wet Plant Leaves When Sun is Shining

Water Your Garden Plants

-Protects the soil from direct sun exposure. -Helps retain and reduce the evaporation of soil moisture. -Maintains a more consistent soil temperature. -Keeps the soil cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter months. -Controls weeds. -Organic mulches enrich the soil. -Reduces soil erosion.

Add Mulch to the Garden Beds

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Provide Shade for Your Sensitive Plants

Use shade cloth or an umbrella to cover vulnerable plants.

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Don’t Disrupt the Soil

Try to leave your garden soil alone during the hot temperatures. You could release trapped water if you start digging or weeding the garden beds.

Move your containers, pots, and planter boxes to shaded areas. Water them more often than your garden plants. Avoid planting flowers and plants in dark-colored containers.

Protect Your Containers and Pots

Pay close attention to plants that are new and their root system hasn’t been established. There's a delicate balance between keeping them hydrated and over-watering.

Give Your Newer Plants TLC

By implementing these techniques, you can safeguard your garden's well-being during excessive heat conditions.  For more about protecting your garden from the heat, visit the blog.

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