Simple Tips for a Thriving Summer Garden


Your summer garden's health and success depends a lot on what   gardening projects you worked on in spring.

From dividing and transplanting perennials,  to controlling weeds and deer in your garden, I’ve got you covered!


DIVIDING AND TRANSPLANTING PERENNIALS: There are so many benefits to dividing perennials in your garden, including keeping  your plants healthy and saving  you money.

PREPARING THE SOIL:  This is where a successful garden starts. Having the right soil is important when preparing your garden beds.


WEED CONTROL: Keeping the weeds under control before they flower and go to seed will make a big difference in your summer garden. Mulch will also help to suppress weeds.


HARDENING OFF YOUR FLOWERS: If you’ve grown seedlings and plants indoors, acclimate them to the outdoor conditions before being transplanted to the garden.


SUPPORTING YOUR FLOWERS: Providing strength and support for your taller and bulkier flowers from the rain, winds, and weight of their blooms is crucial in any garden.


PINCH BACK ANNUAL FLOWERS: Pinching encourages plants to produce more branches near the base, increasing the total number of flowering stems per plant and producing longer stems.


PROTECTING YOUR GARDEN FROM DEER: Start protecting plants as soon as they start growing. I use a deer repellant spray when there is no rain or wind.


The more you take care of these gardening needs in the spring, the more vibrant and healthy your garden will be this summer. Visit the blog for more tips.

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