Dividing Dahlia Tubers in the Spring


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If you’re looking to get the most beautiful flowers and best results from your dahlia plants next year, dividing your dahlia bulbs every year is essential.

When to Divide Timing is key. Divide tubers in spring, just before the growing season starts.

Preparing Tubers Gently clean stored tubers. Check for signs of rot or damage.

Tools for Division Have the right tools on hand: sharp knife, gloves, and labels for organization.

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Spotting Division Points Identify the 'eyes'. Each division needs one to sprout.


Dividing Steps Carefully cut through the tuber ensuring each piece has an eye.

Curing Tubers Allow cut surfaces to dry and form a callus to prevent rot.

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Planting Divisions Plant divided tubers in well-draining soil, eyes facing upwards.

Dahlia Aftercare Water moderately and provide support as they grow.

For even more garden info on splitting your dahlia tubers, visit the blog.

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