Step Into My Early Summer Garden 


Take a tour of what's thriving in my Pacific Northwest Garden at this time of year!

COSMOS - Graceful and colorful, cosmos really thrive in the longer days and warm temperatures of early summer.

CLEMATIS - Graceful and climbing, clematis graces the garden with a profusion of colorful blooms.

ZINNIAS - Vibrant and diverse, zinnias burst with color, brightening up any summer garden.

BACHELOR'S BUTTON -Thriving in the moderate temperatures of early summer, bachelor buttons add charming blues and whites to my garden.

LILIES -Elegant lilies open their petals in early summer, filling the air with their wonderful fragrance.

SUNFLOWERS -Reaching for the sun, sunflowers bloom majestically in the early summer garden.

LUPINE -With early summer warmth, lupine showcases its stunning spikes of blooms in various colors.

Thanks for joining me on this garden tour! If you'd like to see even more, check out my full blog post in the link below!

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