Steps to Design a Cut Flower Garden Layout

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Are you growing a cut flower garden? Follow along for planning tips for a cut flower garden layout that is not only beautiful but productive throughout the growing season.

Choose a Location for Your Annual Cut Flowers The sunlight, soil, and space needed to grow a fresh-cut garden need to be evaluated before planning for your cut flower garden layout.

Most flowers in a cutting garden need at least 6 hours of sun a day. Avoid overcrowding, which can cause competition among plants for resources like water and nutrients.

Decide Where to Plant Your Seed Starts Cut flower gardens produce flowers that can be cut and enjoyed repeatedly, unlike regular gardens.

Calculate the Space Needed for Your Flower Seeds Calculating the garden space you have to work with is important in deciding how many flower seed varieties you can grow.

Design Your Cut Flower Garden Layout Define the boundaries of your flower garden. You can use garden edging, stones, or other materials to create defined borders.

Existing landscape features such as trees, shrubs, or architectural elements like fences and walls, can serve as backdrops or focal points for your flower beds.

Group flowers with similar water and sunlight requirements together to provide the right conditions for each group without over- or under-watering or shading.

A wide variety of annuals and perennials make excellent cut flowers, so it’s important to select blooms that will work best for your climate and preferences.

Be sure to visit the blog for even more gardening tips about planning your cut flower garden.

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