Supplies to Start a Cut Flower Garden from Seed


Are you considering growing your flowers from seed this year?  If you are, I’ve compiled a list of what supplies are needed to start sowing your seeds to grow strong and healthy plants.

QUALITY SEEDS: Using quality seeds will more likely produce strong, healthy plants that are more resistant to disease and pests and are better equipped to withstand harsh weather conditions.


SEED STARTING MIX: Start your seeds with a high-quality seed-starting soil mix that contains nutrients and the proper pH balance.


CONTAINERS: They should be clean and with holes in the bottom for a plant’s healthy root system, which needs space to grow so any water can drain. Otherwise, the water will sit in the container, and the plant will rot.


DRAINAGE TRAYS: Filling these trays with water when the seeds are first planted allows the plants to soak up water through the bottom holes in the containers and prevents overwatering.


HUMIDITY DOME: A humidity dome lid provides a warm and moist environment which encourages germination. I recommend using clear acrylic lids that will fit snugly over the seed trays and flats or pots.


HEAT MAT: Using bottom heat will keep your seeds warm and moist for rapid germination.


GROW LIGHTS: New seedlings need adequate light to grow healthy and strong, with around 14-16 hours of light. Otherwise, plants tend to become weak and spindly without enough light.


HEATER: A temperature-controlled heater in the greenhouse is important when planting seeds because it helps ensure that the temperature and humidity levels are optimal for them to germinate and grow.


FAN: Having a temperature-controlled fan in the greenhouse when planting seeds is important because it helps to create a consistent and optimal environment for the seeds to germinate and grow.


For even more information on the supplies you need to start seeds, visit the Shiplap and Shells blog .

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