Supplies for Successfully Sowing Cut Flower Seeds Indoors

Are you considering growing your flowers and vegetables from seed this year? I’ve compiled a list of supplies needed to start sowing your seeds indoors to grow strong and healthy plants.

I start seeds in the greenhouse rather than planting them directly in the garden. This is mainly because the weather can be unpredictable this time of year in the Pacific Northwest, and seeds are so delicate and can be damaged very easily.

Growing a cut flower garden from seed starts with how you sow your seeds. It’s important to have the right supplies to start sowing your seeds and the right environment to grow healthy seedlings.

interior greenhouse with seed starting supplies

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seed starting supplies: seed packets

Using quality seeds is essential for growing a successful cut flower garden.

They are more likely to produce strong, healthy plants that are more resistant to disease and pests and are better equipped to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Seed starts in containers

Investing in quality seeds means your flowers will provide the following:

  • more consistent results
  • higher quality and more vibrant colored flower production
  • healthier and more vigorous, longer-lasting blooms
early stages of the cut flower garden

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Seed Starting Supplies

Check out my favorite supplies and tools for starting seeds indoors. Whether you’re looking for grow lights or a seed starting mix, you’ll find what I use in my own greenhouse.

insole the greenhouse with seed starting supplies

Using regular potting soil is one of the mistakes beginning gardeners make when starting their cut flower garden from seed.

Start your seeds with a high-quality seed-starting mix that contains nutrients and the proper pH balance.

Look for seed-starting media that is free of toxic substances. Avoid anything containing synthetic fertilizer or bark, which can burn young plants. Find a seed-starting potting mix that holds moisture properly.

You can use vermiculite with a seed starting mix to plant seeds in containers.

After sowing the seeds, you can lightly cover them with a thin layer of vermiculite. Here are some of the benefits:

  • maintains moisture around the seeds
  • allows light to reach the seeds when needed
  • provides a barrier against fungal infections and helps keep the surface of the soil uniformly moist without becoming waterlogged
  • makes it easier for seedlings to push through the surface compared to a heavier soil covering

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seed starts growing in container with plastic dome and heat lamp

One of the most important seed-starting supplies is the container that holds the seeds. There are many options for choosing the right container for your seeds. You can start them in anything 2-3 inches deep that holds soil and has drainage holes.

There are many different sizes and shapes of containers and seedling trays to grow seedlings. Choose from a variety of seed-starting containers:

It’s crucial to have holes in the bottom of the container for a plant’s healthy root system. This system needs space to grow so that any water can drain. Otherwise, the water will sit in the container, and the plant will rot.

seed starting supplies: cell trays filled with seed starting mix

I get the best results with cell trays for most of my seeds. The 72-cell flats are my favorite because I never have to re-pot seedlings to a larger pot before it’s time to transplant them in the garden.

When planting sweet peas, pumpkins, or vines, I use larger containers, usually 4-inch pots. Root trainers are great for sweet peas, but I have seen a rolled-up newspaper tube work just as well. With so many choices, spending a lot of money on containers is unnecessary.

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‘Growing a Cut Flower Garden’ Series

cleaning containers with water and bleach

If you decide to reuse pots or containers, wash them with a one-part bleach / nine-part water solution to kill diseases or pathogens.

seed starting supplies: drainage tray

You will need a drainage or seedling tray to set the plant containers.

When the seeds are first planted, a bottom tray with water is filled, allowing the plants to soak up water through the bottom holes in the containers.

This watering method helps prevent overwatering and keeps the seeds from washing away if watering overhead. Continue bottom watering until the first leaves start to appear.

seed starting supplies: plastic dome cover

A humidity dome lid provides a warm and moist environment for indoor seed starting, encouraging germination. I recommend using clear acrylic lids that fit snugly over the seed trays, flats, or pots.

seed starting supplies: Seed starts in 4-inch container with heated mat

A heat mat can significantly enhance seed growth, especially in a greenhouse setting.

However, if you don’t have access to a greenhouse, you can achieve similar results by placing your seed trays on top of a radiator or refrigerator.

The concept here is to utilize bottom heat, which raises the soil temperature, giving your seeds a head start. This warmth accelerates germination and maintains an ideal, moist environment for the seeds to thrive quickly and healthily.

sweet pea seedling

New seedlings need adequate light to grow healthy and strong, with around 14-16 hours of light. Without it, plants tend to become weak and spindly without enough light,

Heat lamps are recommended for growing seedlings, especially in the home or basement. They provide light and heat to encourage healthy, strong plants and help speed up growth.

I started using grow lights in my greenhouse last year. In the past, I relied on the natural light from the skylights and windows in my outdoor structure, and my flowers have always thrived in my cut flower garden.

seed starting supplies: seed supplies

If you plan to grow a small number of seeds, purchasing a seed starting kit is convenient and cost-effective. These kits typically bundle several essential components, such as a seed-starting tray, drainage tray, humidity dome, and grow light.

While you might find it more economical to buy these items separately if you’re sowing a variety of seeds as I do, the all-in-one seed starter kit offers simplicity and value for those who need just a few.

If you’re only buying a couple of kits, a pre-assembled seed starter kit is likely the best choice for ease of use and budget-friendliness.

planting seedlings in the garden

Here are a few of them to choose from:

seed starting supplies: labels or plant tags

Label your seedling containers as soon as you sow your seeds. With a marker, write the name of the seed variety and the date you sowed the seeds on the plant tag.

This is one of the seed-starting supplies that often gets overlooked, but labeling plants is so important when growing seedlings and transplanting them outdoors for the growing season.

inside greenhouse heater

A temperature-controlled heater in the greenhouse is important when planting seeds because it helps ensure that the temperature and humidity levels are optimal for them to germinate and grow.

Temperature and humidity fluctuations can delay or prevent seed germination, so having a heater that can maintain an ideal temperature is essential for successful seed planting.

I keep our greenhouse at a minimum of 45°F throughout the winter to grow seedlings and overwinter my geraniums.

thermostat and thermometer

Having a temperature-controlled fan in the greenhouse when planting seeds is important because it helps to create a consistent and optimal environment for the seeds to germinate and grow.

CLICK HERE for the thermostat link.

The fan helps to regulate the temperature and promote good air circulation, providing a more even and consistent temperature throughout the day and night.

A fan also helps to reduce the risk of diseases, such as fungal diseases, from developing on the seedlings by reducing humidity and increasing air circulation.

watering can watering soil

Regularly water your seedlings in the greenhouse using a watering can or a hose. Until your seeds germinate and sprout, continue bottom watering so you do not wash the tiny seeds away.


Garden Supplies and Tools

Check out my favorite garden supplies and tools for the growing season. Whether you’re looking for potting soil or deer repellent, you’ll find what I use in my own garden.

seedlings growing in the raised beds

The right seed-starting supplies are essential for growing a cut flower garden in the greenhouse.

With the proper supplies and patience, you can create a beautiful, productive cut flower garden that will provide you with a continuous source of fresh flowers.

If you have any questions or additional suggestions, please share them in the comments below. And be sure to share this blog post link with anyone who may find these gardening tips useful.

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Happy Gardening!

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