The Benefits of Growing Cut Flowers By Seed


There are many benefits to growing flowers from seed rather than buying plants at the local nursery.

1. A much wider flower variety of choices is available from seed catalogs.

2. Nurseries and garden centers often carry a limited selection of popular varieties.

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3. Growing from seed is often more cost-effective. A packet of seeds typically costs less than buying individual seedlings and can produce many plants.


4. Starting from seeds allows gardeners to control the growing environment from the very beginning.


This includes using specific soil types, organic growing mediums, and non-chemical fertilizers.

5. Seeds grown at home can be better acclimatized to the local environment which can result in stronger, more resilient plants.

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6. The process of nurturing a plant from seed to maturity is rewarding and offers valuable learning experiences about plant growth and development.

7. For heirloom and open-pollinated varieties, growing from seeds allows gardeners to practice seed-saving techniques for future seasons

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