Tips and Tricks for Your Cut Flower Cosmos


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Cosmos are an easy flower to grow in the garden which makes them perfect for beginning gardeners. Follow along for tips and tricks when growing cosmos in your garden.

Pinch your cosmos plants - This signals the plant to send up multiple stems from below where the cut was made.

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Pinching Benefits: – Encourages the plant to actively branch from the base – Promotes higher flower production – Produces longer stems

Once in the ground, the cosmos will grow quickly, so be sure to stake them early, while they are still young.

Water your garden cosmos regularly. Set up soaker hoses in garden beds as soon as they’ve been transplanted outdoors.

Consistently deadheading and harvesting your cosmos blooms will keep the plants from setting seed.

Deadheading is the process of trimming back the old flowers which encourages new growth.

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When harvesting cosmos, individual blooms should last about 4-6 days in the vase, but each stem has multiple blossoms that open over a period of a week.

Harvest when buds are cracking but haven’t fully opened in order to prevent insects from pollinating which will extend the vase life by a few days. 

For more information on growing and maintaining cosmos, visit the blog.

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