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Tips for Garden Container Flower Combinations

Shiplap and Shells

It's that time of the season when the flower containers in the garden are being planted. Follow along as I show you some tips for your flower combinations.

For a beautiful flower container, use a tall, showy plant (thriller), a bushy medium-sized plant (filler), and a trailing plant (spiller).


A thriller plant has height and is the “attention-getter” of any flower container.  It’s basically the framework for the entire flower garden container.

Thriller Flowers

– Geraniums – Salvias – Ornamental grasses – Plants with bright, multi-   colored leaves


A filler plant is a flowering plant or foliage that compliments the thriller but doesn’t overwhelm it.

Filler Flowers

-– Verbena – Salvia – Lantana – Foliage plants – Vines when adding a trellis to   the container


A spiller is the anchor for the container and is planted last. These are trailing plants that spill over and out of the container and should be planted close to the edge.

Spiller Flowers

– Petunias – Creeping zinnia – Bacopa – Creeping Charlie – Lobelia – Creeping Jenny

To see more about how to grow a flower container garden, visit the blog.

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