Why You Should Grow Perennials in the Garden


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Perennials are a great long-term investment because they return year after year.

Because they don't have a long lifespan, perennials can be divided or reseeded.

Perennials are great for drought-prone areas because they require less water once established.

Planting perennials that are native to your area creates the perfect habitat for pollinators and local wildlife.

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Perennials are typically cold-hardy plants that have a longer life cycle and can live for three or more growing seasons.

Several of these plants lie dormant during the winter months and come alive again in the following spring.

Many perennials are low-maintenance plants but some will benefit from division every few years, extending the life of the plant.

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Some long-blooming perennials provide extended periods of colorful blooms throughout the growing season.

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