Why You Should Plant Sweet Peas in Your Garden


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Dreaming of having a garden full of good old-fashioned sweet peas? There are many reasons to plant these blooms in your garden.

Generally, sweet peas bloom from late spring through early summer. With the right conditions, you’ll enjoy beautiful blooms all season long.

These old-fashioned flowers are perfect for beginning gardeners. They grow quickly and reach full maturity within two months if planted at the right time.

Fragrant sweet peas are easy to grow from seed and need minimal care. They grow best in cool climates with light shade and plenty of water.

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With their bright colors and sweet scent, sweet peas make a great addition to any flower arrangement.


Annual sweet peas not only have a stunning visual appeal, but the most amazing and captivating fragrance.

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A wide range of colors and mixes are available when growing your sweet peas from seed. 

With their stunning colors and straight long stems, sweet peas are the perfect cut flower for any late spring or early summer bouquet.

This old-fashioned sweet smelling flower is a must-have in your cut flower garden. For more information on growing sweet peas, visit the blog.

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