Your Guide to Dividing Perennials


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This guide will share more about the process of dividing perennials, the right timing, and the benefits it brings to your garden.

Dividing perennials is a gardening technique that separates larger plants into smaller clumps and transplants them in different locations.

This is usually done when the plants in your garden have outgrown their space or become too large to manage.

When a perennial plant starts to outgrow its center, it can become overcrowded and produce fewer blooms.

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When the center of the plant is removed, it stimulates the growth of the perennial.

Create new plants when you split your perennials. Replant the new plant sections in other areas in your garden, or give them to friends and neighbors.

Any perennial plant that spreads from a central crown, and has a clumping growth, can be divided.

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Dividing plants involves splitting and dividing the crown and root ball. Plants with taproots usually propagate through cuttings or seeds instead.

When to divide a plant and how often depends on the type of plant and the climate. Most guidelines are between 3-5 years.

For more information on dividing perennials and the specific steps, visit the blog.

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