Fabulous Finds for the Garden at Pottery Barn

Who’s getting excited about the gardening season? Here are some of my favorite finds for the garden at Pottery Barn.

Pottery Barn garden finds

I don’t know about you but when I start shopping for the garden, I feel one step closer to actually being out there getting my hands dirty.

When I think of Pottery Barn I usually don’t think of gardening items being available on their site. But they are, and here are some of my favorite fabulous finds.

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Pottery Barn Garden Items in my Cart

From herb gardens to water features, there is something for everyone. I’ll show you the Pottery Barn garden items I have in my cart or have purchased first.

Sweetheart Planter Collection Pottery Barn garden item

Sweetheart Planter Collection from Pottery Barn $89-139

The Sweet Heart Planters are handmade of cast stone cement. They feature a Verde finish and have drainage holes.

Wall-Mounted weather station Pottery Barn garden item

Wall-Mounted Weather Station from Pottery Barn $69

I love this weather station’s copper finish but it’s also available in bronze. It not only measures the outdoor temperatures but also the relative humidity. It also includes a swivel arm mounting bracket.

Sesasi fountain

Sesasi Fountain from Pottery Barn $399

The Sesasi fountain is handmade of cast stone mix which consists of sand, stone, water, and cement with an Alpine Stone finish. The base features a drainage hole for planter use.

Shop all of my favorite Pottery Barn garden items by clicking the images below.

You can also click HERE to take you to the Pottery Barn garden page.

Did you find anything you liked? I can’t wait to hear what your favorite garden item was. Leave me a comment below.

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Happy Shopping!

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