Saltwater Sounds Weekly: Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

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scarecrow on vintage bike in fall garden

This and That…

Boy oh boy! How things can change in a day.

Hello and welcome to another week of all the happenings on Shiplap and Shells. As always, I love that you’re taking time out of your lives to read my blog. I can’t tell you how much it means.

It’s raining! I think it’s the first time since fall.

When you live in the Seattle area, rain can be quite controversial. We get so much of it and let’s just be honest, it can get a bit gloomy at times.

We’ve had the most incredible fall so far with unusually warm temperatures. It’s been the most wonderful continuation of summer. I think we were getting rewarded for the cold and wet spring and early summer we endured.

But fall is definitely here now.

hazy view from the smoke

The unusually dry weather brought terrible wildfires throughout Washington and Oregon. The smoke has been so bad, especially through Friday. In fact, it was so terrible that Seattle had the worst air quality in the world for 2 days.

With all of that, I am happy to say that the rain is here and we will be able to breathe again. I’m sure I will be complaining about it again soon, at least under my breath.

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flowers at Met market

I Did Some Shopping This Week

I met one of my best friends for coffee at Metropolitan Market in Gig Harbor.

variety of pumpkins

I loved their assortment of pumpkins and fall annuals.

fall ornamental cabbage

They do such a great job with their merchandising as you can see in these pictures.

pink rose cake

Not that I was in the mood for cake, but look at these gorgeous works of art.

And I’m sure they’re just as delicious as they appear.

jumbo pretzel

How about this pretzel?

The Garden Room fall décor

And then it was a quick trip to the Garden Room next door.

ruffle light fixture

I am IN LOVE with this light fixture!

I was amazed by all the Christmas they already have out on the sales floor. I mean…UNBELIEVABLE!

blue and white Christmas decor

Do you have a decorating theme for the winter holidays yet?

A Walk Through the Garden

Breck's iris rhizomes

I planted 2 iris collections from Breck’s Bulbs last week.

Renowned Batik Iris Collection

Here are the flowers that are in the Renowned Batik Iris Collection.

Twice as Nice Reblooming Iris Collection

And here is the gorgeous Twice As Nice Reblooming Iris Collection.

To see more of what Breck’s Bulbs has to offer, CLICK HERE.

mole holes in the garden

The moles are still a thorn in my side. After getting messages on Instagram from several followers, I will slowly stop complaining about them since voles are so much worse and we don’t have those thank goodness.

scarecrow on vintage bike on fall garden path

I’ll be sharing my greenhouse decorated for fall next week on the blog, including it all, dressed up for Halloween.

15% off sale candles

Get 15% Off Sale Candles

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More Saving This Weekend!

Terrain is having a 20% off sale on everything this weekend with code NOTRICKSALLTREATS. CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK.

Anthropologie is offering an additional 40% off of sale items. CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK.

Up to 40% off all roasters at Williams Sonoma. CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK.

What’s Happening at Shiplap and Shells…

pumpkins and mums fall tablescape

10 Fall Table Decoration Ideas and Inspiration to Wow Your Guests

Looking for some creative ideas for an autumn tablescape? I’ve got you covered with 10 fall fabulous table decoration ideas and inspiration that will be sure to wow your guests.

kitchen island with flowers and pears

How I Repurposed and Reinvented My Thrift Store and Flea Market Finds

I’m sharing a few of my favorite thrift store and flea market finds and ideas on how to repurpose and reinvent them without breaking the bank.

My Favorite Inspiration Around the Web…

concrete jack-o-lanterns with flowers

Wait until you see how easy it is to make a concrete Jack O’ Lantern planter. Meeghan at Cali Girl in a Southern World gives you a tutorial on how to make your own planters for your fall flowers and plants.

cinnamon sugar apple cider doughnut holes

Who loves doughnut holes? Tieghan at Half Baked Harvest shares her recipe for homemade baked cinnamon sugar apple cider doughnut holes and they look incredible! These are the coziest treats to enjoy with a steaming mug of hot chocolate or your favorite latte.

flower and pumpkin arrangement

Pumpkins and fresh seasonal flowers are 2 of my favorite things for fall. So when Stacy at Brick’s and Blooms created this gorgeous centerpiece using them both, I seriously fell in love.

Christmas fabric gift toppers

My friend Rachel at the Pond’s Farmhouse shares how she uses recycled scrap fabric to make sustainable gift-wrapping toppers. These eco-friendly wrapping ideas are budget-friendly and super easy to make.

More Inspiration

This Northwoods shingle-style home.

This homemade granola apple crisp.

This home project in Utah.

Apple cider mimosas.

Ideas for sending Christmas card greetings and holiday wishes.

These fabulous fall recipes.

An Oldie But a Goodie

asters in a fall garden

How to Determine the Best Time to Divide Perennials

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and let me know what you’d like to see on the blog! Thank you for being here.

Until next time,

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead,


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  1. I missed that apple cider donut recipe…I have to go check it out!! Seriously killing me with all those cakes!! What a mess those moles make.. something took out all my voles in the late Spring and I couldn’t be happier!!

  2. Gig Harbor and the Garden Room look like such amazing places to shop! Thanks so much for sharing our ideas for Christmas greetings in your roundup today. Happy Fall!!

  3. I can attest to how delicious the cakes from Metropolitan Market in Gig Harbor really are! My daughter and her husband even used one of them for the cutting cake at their wedding!

  4. Kim, you have the most amazing retail resources! That garden shop and all the Christmas items….oh my! So happy you are having rain. Living in a desert, the rain is such a gift and we’ve fortunately have had alot this summer/fall. Thank you so much for sharing my fall recipes. Today, in Phoenix, it is nice and cool…..ah…hoping fall is finally here.

    1. Hi Mary! I definitely had a lot more rain than we did this summer and early fall. So glad you had that gift.

  5. Okay, Kim, when we head to the PNW to visit you and your amazing garden, I want to go to those shops! Those decorative cabbages!!!! I don’t get anything so beautiful here in Florida. I have to rely way to much on artificial blooms! Now what is this about you weren’t in the mood for cake?!! I am always in the mood for cake! It all looked amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi Kim, have you ever planted mothballs with your fall bulbs? They hate the smell. I bury some, sprinkle some on top of the soil, then mulch. I had awful problems in NH; I year I planted 70 crocus–come spring I had 2 bloom. I buy 90% of my bulbs from Breck’s. I can’t speak highly enough of them! The flowers in bloom look JUST LIKE the pix in the catalog!!! I am cursed with a love of flowers combined with black thumbs! I do tend to do more daffodils than tulips caz NO ONE eats them! THEN I cut up the catalogs and make all-occasion cards with them! Green to me. I had to smile at the “Green” package toppers. We used to consider it a good Christmas if we filled the woodstove 4x with wrapping paper. Now, I reuse my collection of tins and cloth gift bags *ribbons sewn into the side seams, cloth and ribbon purchased after Christmas, thrifted, etc.) which makes for an interesting display and saves trees! One friend and I passed the same bag back and forth for 3 years! Rain here in Maine has revitalized a lot of dug wells that were very low.

    1. This is some great information, Kathy! I have never heard about using mothballs. I think EVERYONE hates the smell! I buy most of my bulbs from Breck’s myself and just planted irises from them. They are great quality products. Daffodils are great for so many reasons. Deer hate them, yes. And they grow and come back bigger and bigger every year. Love that you are saving trees my friend.

  7. Hi Kim! Glad you finally got some rain! And I say go ahead and complain about those moles! I can’t believe how much they dig up your garden! The stores you visited look beautiful, though I am definitely NOT ready for Christmas decor. Nice spending some time with you today!

    1. Thanks, Molly! As I sit here right now replying to you, I’m waiting for the power to go out. It’s quite the storm with heavy rains and strong gusts of wind. So I’m already over it.

  8. Those cakes and those light fixtures are so cool!!! And your garden looks amazing too – love the scarecrow on the vintage bicycle. Thanks for sharing my centerpiece – I say it ievery time but that might be my favorite one yet!

    1. I’m glad I shared my garden because as of today it is done. The rain and wind have pretty much destroyed everything. Now we start planning for next year.

  9. Kim,
    Wow even with rain everything is so beautiful! I can’t wait to see your greenhouse tour on Friday. Thanks so much for sharing my gift wrap toppers. You are the best.

  10. Kim, I love seeing your fall gardens. And those irises are so pretty! They remind me of ones my grandma had on the farm. I can’t wait to see them bloom next spring/summer!

    Thank you for sharing the recipe for my apple cider mimosas. I hope you enjoy them.?

    1. I can’t wait to try the mimosas this weekend Jen! I’m looking forward to the irises next year too! Fingers crossed.

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