Beginner Zinnia Tips: A Simple Guide

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Have you dreamed of growing a cut garden full of beautiful zinnia flowers? See these quick and simple tips to help your zinnias thrive!

Once planted in the ground, zinnias grow quickly, so be sure to stake them early while they are still young.

Create a plan to make sure your zinnias will be watered regularly in the garden. Soaker hoses and drip irrigation in the raised garden beds are very efficient.

Pinch your zinnias - Once the zinnia plants are 12 inches tall and have at least three sets of leaves on each stalk, snip 3-4 inches off the top, just above the leaf joint, with clean, sharp pruners.

Harvest for more blooms - Zinnias should be cut when fully seasoned or mature. Hold the stem about 8 inches below the flower head and shake it gently.

If there are spent flower heads, even after harvesting your zinnias, be sure to deadhead them to help focus the plant’s energy on producing new flowers without going to seed.

Zinnias are annual plants, so they don’t return every year - Save the seeds of your zinnia flower heads and sow them the following year.

Spacing your plants in the garden beds as directed will minimize the risk of spreading disease. Use horticultural oils or insecticidal soap to treat any disease or pest problems.

Enjoy the beauty of your zinnias! For a full, in-depth zinnia guide, see the blog.

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