How to Easily Dry Hydrangeas


Hydrangeas are beautiful flowers that can be enjoyed for their blooms in the summer and fall. But did you know that you can also dry hydrangeas to enjoy their beauty year-round?

Keep reading for a super simple method for drying hydrangeas!

Choose hydrangeas that are in full bloom - Hydrangeas that are in full bloom will have the best color and texture when they are dry.


Cut the stems about 6 inches long - This will give the hydrangeas enough room to dry without becoming too top-heavy.


Strip off the leaves from the bottom 2 inches of the stems - The leaves will make the hydrangeas dry more slowly and may also cause them to lose their color.


Arrange the hydrangeas in a vase or container - If you want to dry them in a vase, make sure the vase is tall enough so that the hydrangeas can dry without touching the bottom.


Place in a cool, dark place - Heat and light will cause the hydrangeas to dry too quickly and lose their color. A cool, dark closet or basement is a good place to dry hydrangeas.


Check every few days and mist with water - This will help to keep the color of the hydrangeas and prevent them from becoming brittle.


The hydrangeas will be dry in about 2 weeks - Once the hydrangeas are dry, you can remove them from the vase or container and enjoy them for years to come!


With a little time and attention, you can easily dry hydrangeas and enjoy their beauty year-round!

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