How to Start Geraniums from Cuttings

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Geraniums are easy to grow and simple to propagate. Here are some some gardening tips to help you start your own geranium plants from healthy stem cuttings.

Select a healthy, mature geranium plant that is free of disease and with strong stems and vibrant leaves.

The geranium stems should have at least 2 healthy leaves and be about 4-6 inches long.

Carefully snip a 3-4 inch cutting just below a leaf node of the geranium stem off of the geranium parent plant.

Cut at an angle for moisture absorption. Remove any leaves, flowering stems, and scales from the lower half of the cuttings.

Insert the geranium cutting into the pot. Gently press down around the stem to secure it into place. Loosely fill the hole around the stem.

Water the soil until it’s moist but not saturated. Provide good light and a warm setting while the new geranium plant starts to establish roots. 

Be sure to keep the geraniums in a space that doesn’t freeze. I keep my cuttings in my heated greenhouse at a temperature of no less than 45°F.

You should see new growth from the cuttings between 6-8 weeks. Pull on the stem to feel if the roots are holding in place.

Visit my blog post to see more information on starting new geranium plants from cuttings. 

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