Prolong Your Flowers' Beauty in a Vase

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Do you struggle to keep your flower arrangement alive for more than a couple of days?

I’ll share some tips and tricks with you that will help extend the vase life of your cut flowers arrangements.

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Use Buckets and Vases that are Clean and Sanitized

This will help keep bacteria from plugging up the flower stems that prevent them from getting water.

Cutting flowers when it’s cooler and they’ve had a chance to rehydrate will extend your flower’s vase life.

Harvest Flowers in the Early Morning

When harvesting, make 45-degree angle cuts using sharp, clean garden pruners or shears above a node to promote new blooms.

Cut Your Flowers Properly & Add to Water Immediately

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Remove the Extra Foliage

All foliage below the waterline should be stripped off the stem so the flower will focus its energy on the main blooms & help prevent bacterial growth in the vessel.

Fill your bucket with flowers and bring them to a cool, dark space inside to start rehydrating for a few hours before you start arranging them in a vase.

Let Your Flowers Rest

Flower food, which helps extend a cut flower’s vase life, basically consists of citric acid, bleach, and sugar.

Add Flower Food

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Change Out the Water Regularly

Rinse and clean the vase or flower container with warm water every 2-3 days to extend the life of your flowers. Trim stems at an angle again.

Select cool and shady locations. Keep flowers away from fruits & vegetables.

Place Your Flower Arrangement In a Good Location

These tips will help you extend the vase life of your cut flowers arrangements.

Visit the blog to see more information about keeping your flowers in a vase alive longer. 

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