Secrets to a Longer Vase Life for Your Flowers


Do you struggle to keep your flower arrangement alive for more than a couple of days?

Follow along as I show you some secrets to a longer vase life for your flowers.

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Clean Your Flower Vase

Wash your vase thoroughly with warm, soapy water to remove any bacteria or residue that could shorten the lifespan of your flowers.

Trim the stems at an angle. This promotes better water absorption and prevents the ends from sitting flat at the bottom.

Trim the Stems

Remove any leaves or foliage that would be submerged in water to prevent bacterial growth and to keep the water clean.

Remove Foliage Below the Waterline

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Use Flower Preservative

Mix flower preservative with water to provide essential nutrients and help prevent bacterial growth, extending the life of your flowers.

Replace the vase water with a fresh supply for your flowers every few days to prevent the build-up of bacteria.

Change Your Water Regularly

Place your vase of flowers in a cool spot away from direct light and heat sources. This will help to slow down the wilting process.

Keep Flowers in a Cool Location

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Avoid Ethylene-Producing Fruits

Keep your cut flowers away from fruits like bananas and apples. Ethylene can cause premature wilting and shortens the lifespan of your blooms.

These tips will help you extend the vase life of your cut flowers arrangements.

Visit the blog to see more information about keeping your flowers in a vase alive longer. 

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