Spring Bulb Care After Blooming


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The care you give your spring bulbs after they bloom is just as important as the preparations you make before their buds open.

This phase is when your bulbs recharge and store food to prepare for the following year. 

Add organic matter such as compost to the soil after the blooming. This will give them the nutrients they need for next year’s growth.

Keep watering your spring bulbs even when the flowers are starting to fade away. This is crucial for the bulbs that are gathering energy for next year’s bloom time.

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For best results, provide a steady supply of water, especially if the spring season is drier than usual. Keep the soil moist, but not soggy.


Once the foliage has yellowed and died back, you can reduce watering as the bulbs enter dormancy.

Deadheading prevents the bulbs from expending energy on seed production, encouraging them to store more energy for the next year’s flowers instead.

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Cut off the faded flowers at the stem below the flower head, being careful not to remove any bulb foliage.

The leaves are still hard at work, photosynthesizing and sending energy down to the bulb for next year’s growth. 

For more information on spring-blooming bulbs, visit the blog.

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