Strawflower Indoor Seed Starting Cut Flower Guide 


Strawflowers are unique cut flowers that are perfect for beginner gardeners. Here are simple steps for sowing strawflowers seeds indoors.

Choose a Clean Plant Container With Drainage Holes.  If you’re reusing old plastic containers or trays, wash them thoroughly.


Fill Containers with Moistened Seed Starter Mix Tap firmly against the table or shelf to ensure the soil settles and prevent air pockets in the containers.


Label the  container with the name of the variety of plants and the date planted.


Sow 2 seeds per container or cell by creating a 1-half-inch hole into the soil, in 2 opposite corners. You can use a pencil, dibbler, or even your finger to make a hole. Strawflower seeds require light to germinate, so press  lightly into the soil, but don’t cover them.


Bottom Water Your Seed Containers Set the container in a drainage tray with an inch of water in the bottom if needed. Do not  let the container sit in the water for more than an hour.


Place the container on a heated mat or in a warm corner of your house, and cover it with a clear plastic dome. This will help speed up the seed-starting germination process.


Keep your seed starts in a light and bright space, such as a greenhouse or sunroom. If you don’t have that option, keep the seedlings under a grow light.


If you plan on growing a cut flower garden, strawflowers will be one of your favorite flowers. For more tips on sowing seeds indoors, visit the blog.

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