Your Garden Planning Process

Shiplap and Shells

From Reflection to Renewal

Unlock your garden's potential!  Learn from last year's successes and challenges to create a flourishing garden this season. Let's get started...


Reflect on Last Year

Start by reflecting on what worked and what didn’t in your previous garden.

Assess Successes & Failures

Identify which plants thrived and which struggled. Note the reasons.

Consider the Climate

Think about last year's weather patterns and how they affected your garden.

Analyze Your Soil

Review the quality of your soil and make necessary amendments.

Pest & Disease Lessons

Recall any pest or disease issues and plan for prevention.

Maximize Your Space

Learn from last year’s layout. Consider companion planting and spacing.

Choose the Right Plants

Select plants that thrived last year and try new, suitable varieties.

Perfect Your Timing

Plan your planting schedule based on last year's successful timings.

Document your progress. It's invaluable for future gardening. Be ready to adapt and enjoy the process of gardening!

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