Take a Tour of My Early Spring Cottage Style Garden and Greenhouse

What’s growing in your garden this spring? I’ll take you on a tour of my early spring cottage-style garden and the greenhouse. Things are definitely starting to come alive around here.

yellow spring tulips in the garden wand greenhouse

The flowers have definitely been blooming around the garden in the early spring months of March and April.

And of course, there’s plenty of excitement happening in the greenhouse right now. In less than a month from now, it will be completely empty with all the flowers transplanted in the garden after our last average frost date of April 18th.

early spring cottage garden

This is what most of my cottage-style garden is looking like these days.

The majority of the garden is filling up with green plants and a few blooms tucked in here and there. Winter plants such as heather and hellebores still remain in bloom which I fully appreciate.

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early spring cottage garden

Here is the garden in front of the greenhouse.

We have just added the yearly layer of fish compost to the garden beds which not only helps the garden to look beautiful but is so beneficial to all my plants.

Fish compost is a soil additive that is high in nutrients and weed-free. And in case you were wondering, it does not have a fish odor!

early spring cottage garden

Garden Decor Adds Interest to Any Garden

Garden decor always helps create interest in the cottage garden while waiting for more flowers to bloom.

The birdbath and birdhouse are a couple of my favorites. This honeysuckle vine climbing up the birdhouse pole is evergreen so it always looks full and fabulous no matter what the season.

Can you imagine our greenhouse without the mermaid weathervane from Good Directions?

dahlia bloom wind spinners

I’m so excited to show you my new wind spinners from Happy Gardens.

These dahlia flower spinners come in 12″, 8″, and 4″. Aren’t they pretty? CLICK HERE to see their spinners.

birdhouse garden stake

I also have birdhouse decor stakes around the garden.

birdhouse garden stake

Here’s one in a set of three. CLICK HERE for the link.

early spring cottage garden

Spring Bulbs in the Garden

An early spring cottage garden tour would not be complete without the all-important and stunning spring bulbs. Let me show you some of the bulbs that bloom in my early spring garden.


Hyacinths are one of the first spring bulbs to pop out of the ground after snowdrops and crocuses.

pink and white spring hyacinths in spring cottage garden

This gorgeous mix of colorful hyacinth bulbs from Breck’s Bulbs is called Monet Hyacinth Mixture and gave the cottage garden such a gorgeous pop of color in March.

I was really sad to see them go. But the daffodils and tulips filled in nicely.

yellow daffodils in  earlyspring cottage garden


When you think of daffodils, do you picture bright and beautiful yellow flowers in your mind? I love how they look in an early spring garden. They truly say “Spring is Here”.

cream daffodil

I love the fact that there are so many daffodil varieties that look different from the basic yellow blooms we’ve always been used to.

cream daffodil with orange centers

I planted a mixture of daffodils from Breck’s Bulbs called Three Months of Daffodils.

They bloom at different times of the spring months so I will always have some growing in the garden.

pale yellow daffodils

spring tulips in raised beds


Now the tulips are blooming in the spring garden.

Do you remember last year when I planted spring tulip bulbs in one of the raised beds so I would have cut flowers to bring into the house whenever I wanted?

early spring cottage garden  tulips

I loved them so much that I decided to plant even more spring tulip bulbs last fall.

pink and purple tulips in garden

They’re just starting to bloom. I can’t wait to show you the cut flower garden in a couple of weeks when everything will be in full bloom.

These are called Raspberry Sorbet Tulip Mixture.

fuchsia tulips
pink and white tulip

These tulip mixes are from Breck’s Bulbs

early spring tulips in raised beds

This garden bed has a Creamy Lavender Flan Tulip Mixture growing. They will look completely different than this in another week or so.

yellow tulips in cut flower garden

I bought this yellow mix of tulips at Costco.

I have really liked the varieties that Costco offers but have not had the good quality I have with the brands such as Breck’s Bulbs, Longfield Gardens, and Holland Bulbs.

Unfortunately, about 30-60% of my Costco bulbs have had mold on them. If there’s a way to check the bulbs before you buy them, it’s probably a REALLY GOOD idea.

yellow tulip

I am really drawn to the yellows. They brighten up the garden every spring.

yellow tulips and greenhouse
greenhouse and orange tulips in container

This tulip variety is called Princess Irene Triumph Tulip from Holland Bulbs.

orange with yellow spring tulips
early spring cottage garden

This is one of my very favorite varieties of tulips, Green Star.

early spring cottage garden  white and green star tulips

yellow Japanese roses

Other Blooms Around the Cottage Garden

Continuing the early spring cottage garden tour, here are some other plants and flowers that are making a stunning statement.

This beautiful bloom is a Japanese rose and from what I can remember, they only last a few weeks. They are just stunning in any early spring flower arrangement.


There is only one of these plants in my garden which is hard to believe because I think it is so beautiful.

From what I’ve seen on the internet I believe this is called a pasqueflower. If you have another idea, please let me know in the comments below.

Japanese Pieris

This Japanese Pieris is especially beautiful this time of year.

pink and cream rhododendron

During the early and mid-spring, Pacific Northwest gardens are full of stunning rhododendrons and azaleas. Here are a few of mine.

Some of my rhododendron colors are light pink, white, fuchsia, purple, and coral/peach mix.

light pink rhododendrons
fuchsia rhododendrons

greenhouse with Dutch door

Inside the Greenhouse

There’s a lot going on in here my friends!

Inside the greenhouse with flowers

I’ve had so much fun being in the greenhouse the last few months.

CLICK HERE to see the seeds I sowed this year for my cut flower garden.

seedlings and geraniums inside the greenhouse

I’m currently in the process of hardening off the seedlings and the geraniums that have been overwintering.

I’ll be sowing sunflower seeds this week.

inside the greenhouse

It’s crazy to think that by this time next month the greenhouse will be completely empty and everything here will be planted in the garden.

overlooking the cottage garden and Puget Sound

Thank you so much for going on my early spring cottage-style garden and greenhouse tour. I can’t tell you how excited I am to see beautiful blooms in my cottage garden again.

Leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time,

Happy Spring Gardening!


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Early Spring cottage garden and greenhouse tour

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