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Fall Season Ideas to Decorate the Outside of Your Greenhouse

Thinking about transforming your greenhouse, she shed, or potting shed from frumpy to fabulous this autumn? I’ll show you some simple ideas to decorate your greenhouse or other outdoor building for the fall season.

greenhouse fall decorating ideas

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greenhouse fall decorating ideas walking path

I’ll be referring to my greenhouse in this post but there are other structures you can decorate as well.

Even if you don’t have a greenhouse, you can decorate any outdoor space with fall decor.

  • Garden shed
  • She shed
  • Chicken coop
  • Front porch
greenhouse fall decorating ideas

Ever since we moved into our 1920 beach cottage across from the Puget Sound, I always wanted my own greenhouse. And after a few years, my dream came true.

Our structure measures 8’x10′ and has a porch on one side and stairs on the other due to our sloped property.

Would I love to have a larger greenhouse? Yes, of course, but we only had a small space to work with because it had to be built in our front yard.

fall greenhouse decorating ideas

This time of year is so much fun for me, especially decorating my home and garden for fall. Here are some of the different ways I’ve decorated my greenhouse throughout the years.

Unfortunately, our home doesn’t have a porch off the front door, ever since the deck was built onto the front of the house.

But we make up for it by decorating the greenhouse front porch instead. Here are the elements we use to decorate this outdoor space for the autumn season.

greenhouse fall decorating ideas vintage bike with pumpkins

Lots & Lots of Pumpkins

Adding pumpkins to your outdoor spaces and garden is the easiest way to spruce things up for the fall season.

As you can see here, I use many different sizes and colors of pumpkins. They make quite the statement going down the garden path, don’t they?

mums and pumpkins in garden

You can use them as a border in your garden beds or even create an all-pumpkin planter. I’m definitely growing a pumpkin patch again next year.

green metal vintage chair with flowers and pumpkins

Fall Fabulous Pots & Planters

I love nothing more than buying new plants every autumn.

My local garden center (or nursery, depending on where you live) knows me quite well. It could be because I’ve made several trips and keep going back to get more.

There are many different fall plants to choose from. Here are my favorites.

  • Mums
  • Asters
  • Ornamental cabbage & kale
  • Pansies & violas
  • Ornamental Grasses

Using smaller pumpkins in the planters along with flowers adds a lot of color and interest.

Note: The best time to buy your mums is when they are JUST starting to bud so the blooms will last longer. I keep mine under cover so the rain doesn’t cause them to turn slimy.

fall mums and plants in hanging basket

I’m getting smarter every fall season and now plant both annuals and perennials in flower containers. I’ve decided to choose perennials that don’t grow very big and will look good and live in any seasonal container.

The perennial plants are the “thrillers” of the pot and have height and sometimes even color changes depending on the season. Grasses are also great additions to any seasonal flower basket or planter.

vintage bike with basket of flowers in front of fall greenhouse
scarecrow and fall flowers in front of greenhouse door

Scarecrows for the Win

If you want to make a statement in front of your greenhouse or shed, go with a scarecrow!

greenhouse fall decorating ideas scarecrow on vintage bike

They are so adorable and can be the best fall props no matter where you put them.

Dress them in different outfits and hats.

greenhouse fall decorating ideas scarecrow on a bike

This guy looks pretty fabulous on my vintage bike, doesn’t he?

Dress Up Your Fall Greenhouse with Cornstalks

Cornstalks are a great way to add interest to either side of your greenhouse or shed. They are a wonderful addition to any autumn garden and really dress up any outdoor space.

greenhouse with cornhusks, planters, and pumpkins

These cornstalks above were really green when we got them one fall a few years ago which I loved. I haven’t been able to find any this fresh since.

If you have a lot of heavy seasonal rain you may want to keep your cornstalks under cover so they last longer.

green and black plaid blanket on fall porch

Pretty Plaid Blankets

Nothing says warm and cozy fall quite like a plaid blanket. Adding one of these to a chair, bench, or hook is an easy way to spruce up your space for fall.

I’m always on the hunt for vintage throws but you can find newer plaid blankets very easily.

walking path towards greenhouse

My garden pathway to the greenhouse is the perfect spot to display fall decor.

walking path going towards fall hydrangeas

Outdoor Bistro or Fairy Lights

I can’t tell you what a difference outdoor lights make to your decorated fall space. Whether you choose fairy or bistro lights, they add an element of whimsy and romance and actually a year-round-must for this garden.

greenhouse fall decorating ideas

Use a Vintage Bike, Wagon, or Wheelbarrow as a Prop

If you have the room, use a vintage prop such as a bike, wheelbarrow, or wagon.

As you can see above I propped my scarecrow up on the bike, but there are so many other things you can do.

Add pumpkins or flowers to a wheelbarrow or wagon. Fill the bike baskets up with pumpkins for a fresh fall look.

witch weather vane

You’ll find a mermaid weather vane atop of my garden greenhouse most days of the year. But we take it down for the month of October and replace it with this perfect witch.

I found this weather vane at Good Directions.

witch weather vane

We got this from Good Directions last year and have gotten so many compliments on it.

inside the fall greenhouse with pumpkins

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, our greenhouse is on the small side but I always get the job of overwintering geraniums and starting cut flower seeds done.

I did add a few pumpkins on the shelves but that’s about all I did inside the structure.

greenhouse fall decorating ideas

Here are a few things I want to add to my greenhouse for fall next year.

  • A straw bale on the front porch
  • Leaf garland around the wooden frames
  • Indian corn in the bike basket and in planters

You can not only have the most beautiful greenhouse with a little effort, but you can also have a spooky and creepy Halloween vibe.

Create a Fun and Spooky Vibe in Your Garden This Halloween with skeletons, spiders, and some scary ghosts.

Until next time,

If you have any questions or additional suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments below. And be sure to share this blog post link with anyone who may enjoy this post.

Happy Fall!

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