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Decorating the Greenhouse for Christmas

Do you have a greenhouse or a shed? I’ll show you how easy it is to turn an ordinary greenhouse into a magical space that comes alive after decorating it for Christmas!

Christmas greenhouse

Because I’ve been recovering from foot surgery since October, I didn’t decorate my greenhouse as much as I would have liked this season. I did, however, do a great job pointing my finger and supervising my hubby. He really came through for me!

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Decorating the greenhouse for Christmas

Mini Christmas trees and garlands were such an important part of the greenhouse decorating process. I also used other props for holiday decor, such as an old vintage sled, a reindeer, a red tricycle, and an old vintage sign.

Making a Christmas wreath

One of the fun things we do in our community has a wreath-making party the Saturday after Thanksgiving! Mission accomplished! And I know just where I will be putting it. Yes, you guessed it…on my greenhouse!

Greenhouse decorated for Christmas with twinkle lights

It’s so pretty to see the greenhouse all lit up at night! The lights stay up all year, not just at Christmas, so that was one less decorating project we had to tackle! I have always used white lights outside, but I am contemplating whether to put up colored lights for Christmas next year or not. What do you think?

Greenhouse decorated for Christmas in the twilight hours

I hope you enjoyed the views and enjoyed how I’ve decorated the greenhouse for Christmas. Thank you so much for being here.

Until next time,

Happy Holidays!

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