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The Empress Hotel


It’s the first weekend of autumn! How are you celebrating?

Do you have a fall bucket list?

We are still on our boat, Wildflower for another week. The first part of the trip was amazing with the perfect 70°F. and sunny weather. It still felt like summer even though the days were getting shorter.

There is now a definite change in the air with our first real rainfall since we left and the leaves are finally turning.

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Salt Spring Island Cheese


Last week I showed you some pictures of The Butchart Gardens.

This past week we explored two places in Canada, Ganges on Salt Spring Island and Victoria.

Salt Spring Island

We anchored in Ganges Harbour and enjoyed Salt Spring Island on a Hop On, Hop Off tour.

The first stop was Salt Spring Island Cheese and Goat Farm.

We were in luck because they were still making pizza on the weekends through September along with other baked goods.

We were loving the goats! It was almost like they were posing for us.

Salt Spring Island Cheese shop

The cheese shop had goat cheese samples for us to try. It was incredible and we took a few varieties back to the boat.

Salt Spring Island Cheese shop sampling

The next stop was the Salt Spring Brewing Co.

I’m not much of a beer drinker but I did find something to try. The Raspberry Mango Sour did not taste much like a beer so it was the winner.

enjoying pizza and a beer

We sat at a picnic table in the woods. The pizza from the stop before was the perfect lunch to bring along.

red porta potty with trellis

I couldn’t resist sharing this picture. Have you ever seen such a dressed-up porta potty with a trellis wrapped around it and a plant growing up it?

cider tasting

The winery next on the tour was abruptly closed that day so we missed the stop entirely. But we did make it to the Ciderworks tasting.

Again, I don’t know much about cider so we went with sweeter varieties. Two out of the three were really good. My first choice was the Red Rebel.

Salt Spring Market booth

The Salt Spring Farmer’s Market was another fun thing to do on Saturday when we got to town.

Salt Spring Market booth

I know it will be hard to believe, but Heyday Farm was my favorite booth at the market. Her flowers were so beautiful!

Havanese dog

Ollie was worn out from all the excitement. Here he is getting some rest before leaving the next morning for Victoria, BC.

Victoria BC Canada seaplane

Victoria, BC

First impressions are pretty spectacular each time we visit Victoria by boat. Here we were boating to the marina and we had a seaplane right next to us.

The Empress Hotel in Victoria BC Canada

This is the BEST marina spot we have ever been to when boating. We’re looking at The Empress Hotel straight ahead.

Victoria BC Canada at the marina

Here’s the gorgeous view from the back of the boat.

British Columbia Parliament Buildings

The view from the boat is a stunning look at the British Columbia Parliament Buildings.

Victoria BC Canada

This shot was taken looking towards the Victoria Causeway Marina area from the street. I was blown away by how many fall flowers had been planted in town.

Victoria BC Canada

The city takes its flower containers very seriously! We saw the hanging baskets being taken down. I wasn’t sure if they were replacing the tired flowers for the fall season or if they were being taken down until next year.


We found this macaron store in town.

green buckets of fresh flowers

There was the cutest store that had plants and flowers for sale.

The bouquets were all unique and so beautifully created. I had no choice but to take one home to the boat.

kitchen store in Victoria BC

This kitchen store had so many beautiful things.

kitchen store in Victoria BC

We had such a wonderful time in Canada. I’m hoping to spend more time in British Columbia on our next trip.

We’ll be home next weekend and looking forward to sharing my fall garden with you.



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Until next time,

Wishing a wonderful week ahead,

Saltwater Sounds

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  1. Kim, your trip looks so amazing and I always love to see photos of your trip. Just amazing and I will be angling for a blogging trip on your boat!!! Thank you so much for sharing my apple pie post. You are truly the best.

  2. Looks like you’re having an amazing time, Kim!! That dressed-up ports potty…that’s hilarious!! Safe travels, friend! 🚤💛

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