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Christmas Cottage Living Room Tour

Need some holiday decor ideas? Come along as I take you on a tour of our Christmas cottage living room, where I’ll share some cottage-style Christmas decor ideas with you.

Christmas cottage living room

Decorating for Christmas in a Small Space

Decorating for Christmas has always been a bit of a challenge because of the size of our home. Our beach cottage is only 1600 square feet, so it’s important not to go overboard when decorating for the holidays. CLUTTER is not my friend!

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Christmas Colors

I tend to shy away from the more traditional color scheme of red and green in my living room, mostly because of the “beach-colored” furniture I have in this space. My color palette consists more of blues, roses, creams, grays, and silvers.

We don’t have a fireplace in the living room, so I try to create that “mantle” feel with my glass cabinet.

Mini Christmas Trees

Because our beach cottage is small, we decorate with mini trees throughout the living room, rather than having one large tree. We did have a large tree in the room for a couple of years and it was just too overwhelming for space. I placed both Christmas trees on stools, in order to give the illusion that they are bigger.

This Christmas tree was decorated with silver mercury glass and vintage turquoise ornaments.

I thought I would be creative, and threw Christmas lights all over the window seat. This presented a wonderful photo opportunity! Jax didn’t seem to mind.

Using wire baskets and dough bowls is perfect for filling with different kinds of ornaments. The living room had several small Christmas vignettes throughout.

Twinkle Lights

My very favorite Christmas decorations are twinkle lights! I put them everywhere! Boxwood pots and wreaths are a simple but stunning addition to this beach cottage!

Putting only lights on the second Christmas tree gives it a more simple look.

Decorative Pillows and Throws

Adding decorative pillows and throws to this window seat creates a cozy place to hang out.

Thank you so much for taking this Christmas cottage living room tour with me! You can also see my kitchen and bedroom tour posts as well. As always, I would love to hear your Christmas decor ideas for next year!!!

Until next time,

Happy Holidays!


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