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19 Easy Ways to Transition Your Home Decor From Summer To Fall

Summer may be almost over, but the fall season decorating fun is just beginning. If you’re getting ready to make the home decor transition from summer to fall, here are some easy ways and helpful tips you can use for the upcoming season.

As the leaves start to change color and a crisp breeze fills the air, it’s time to say goodbye to the sunny days of summer and welcome the cozy embrace of fall. What better way to celebrate the changing seasons than by giving your home a fresh fall makeover?

fall centerpiece on table in kitchen

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Today I’m joining 17 blogging friends to share some early fall decor ideas and inspiration with you. My friend Pasha at Pasha is Home has done such a fabulous job coordinating this seasonal blog hop for us. I can’t thank her enough. You can find the links to all the blogger’s posts at the end of this post.

If you’re coming over from my friend Robyn at Robyn’s French Nest, welcome. Didn’t you love the simple ideas she shared for decorating fall living room centerpieces? Robyn always gives me so much home decor inspiration, especially with her seasonal decor tips.

If this is your first time here on the Shiplap and Shells blog, I want to thank you for being here. I’m Kim and I share all things home, garden, and the Pacific Northwest lifestyle. I’d love for you to take a moment to look around. You can see my Home Tour here and more About Me here.

cottage style fall living room


The transition time between summer and fall is perfect for refreshing your living space with a touch of seasonal charm and coziness.

Fall is a season of warmth, comfort, and natural beauty. And pumpkin spice everything. In our home, we are packing away the coastal decor like seashells and beachy accessories, and replacing them with natural elements such as branches, leaves, apples, and pumpkins.

Transition Your Home Decor From Summer To Fall: cottage style kitchen decorated for fall


So let’s get started! Next, you’ll find 19 easy ways to help you transition between seasons. I hope these simple tips and ideas will help you with your fall decorating this year.

1. Declutter and Clean

Ready to start the fall season with a blank slate?

Embracing the seasonal transition between summer and fall is as simple as giving our homes a little extra TLC. Clearing out the clutter that accumulated during the summer months and making space for those autumn accents can truly transform our living spaces.

Step-By-Step Sorting

Begin by tackling one room at a time. Take a systematic approach, sorting items into three categories: keep, donate/sell, and discard.

As you sift through your belongings, ask yourself if you’ve used an item in the past year and if you’ll use it this year with your other fall decor. This way, you’ll only hold onto items that truly serve a purpose.

Seasonal Storage Switch

As you’re clearing out summer-related items, take the opportunity to organize your storage areas. Pack away lightweight linens and beach-themed decor in labeled bins.

This not only frees up space but you’ll have a well-organized collection of items for when summer comes around again.

Transition Your Home Decor From Summer To Fall: fall living room

Deep Cleaning

Before bringing out the fall-themed decorations, give your living spaces a thorough cleaning. Dust surfaces, vacuum carpets, mop floors, and wipe down windowsills. You’ll start with a clean canvas for your new autumn decor.

Fall-Focused Arrangement

Consider a less-is-more approach with your fall seasonal decor. Choose a few key pieces to display for the season and strategically place them around your home. This not only helps prevent clutter from taking over but your fall decor will be the star of the show.

fall hydrangeas harvested in sink

2. Decide on a Color Scheme

When transitioning from summer to fall home decor, the key to a successful color scheme is balance and harmony.

Choose a few main colors that resonate with the season, complement your existing decor, and create a sense of warmth and comfort. Try to create a space that reflects the spirit of the season while staying true to your personal style.


Find Inspiration from Nature

When I think of fall decor, a rich and warm color palette comes to mind. Inspiration such as changing leaves, pumpkin patches, garden florals, and cozy firesides help determine the hues that dominate the autumn season.

The most common colors in home decor we see during the fall tend to be deep oranges, rustic browns, golden yellows or mustard, burgundy, and earthy greens.

I’ve used harvested hydrangeas that were ready to be dried, for my fall decor inspiration year after year. From them I pick items that are cream, dusty rose shades, brown, and green in my home during the autumn season.

Transition Your Home Decor From Summer To Fall: leather couch with neutral colored pillows and throws

Consider Existing Elements

Choose a color scheme that complements your furniture, flooring, and fixtures. If you have neutral or earthy tones throughout your home, consider adding pops of fall colors as accents.


Embrace Warm Neutrals

Warm neutrals such as creamy whites, soft beiges, and warm grays provide a soothing backdrop for more vibrant fall shades you can incorporate into your home.

cottage living room decorated for fall
white and black dog on leather couch
dog on gray and white blanket on white chair

Play with Accents

Incorporate fall colors through accent pieces like throw pillows, blankets, wall art, and decorative accessories. These accents can be easily swapped out as seasons change very easily.

Transition Your Home Decor From Summer To Fall: gray and cream pillows and throws

3. Change Out Your Fabrics

The transition from summer to fall brings cooler weather, so it’s important to change your home decor fabrics and textiles to reflect those changes.


Create Depth with Warm Textures and Throws

As the weather cools down, consider layering your textiles for a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Swap out lightweight summer curtains for thicker, textured drapes that can help insulate your home against the chill.


Mix cozy textiles like chunky knit blankets, faux fur throws, velvet cushions, plush wools, and woven textiles into your fall color scheme. Layering these warm fabrics instantly adds comfort and visual warmth.

white textured pillowcases
dusty pink comforter for fall bedroom

Switch Up Bedding

Transform your bedroom into a snug retreat by switching out your summer bedding for warmer options. Replace lightweight sheets with flannel or sateen ones for added warmth. Choose duvet covers or comforters in deep, autumnal hues to instantly infuse the room with fall charm.

Rethink Rugs

Consider swapping out your summer rugs for ones that feature cozier textures and deeper colors. Opt for rugs made of wool or other plush materials.

Update Table Linens

Give your dining area a fall-inspired makeover by changing out your tablecloths, placemats, and napkins. Choose fabrics in rich, warm tones or earthy neutrals. Incorporate seasonal patterns like plaid or rustic motifs for your fall gatherings.

Refresh Soft Furnishings

Transform your living spaces by swapping out or reupholstering soft furnishings like accent chairs, ottomans, or even sofa cushions. Use fabrics with deeper textures and tones like velvets, corduroys, and tweeds, for more fall coziness.

Transition Your Home Decor From Summer To Fall: kitchen open shelving with fall décor and flowers in vase

4. Welcome in Warm Textures

Warm textured accessories, including baskets, woven items, and rustic accents, play an important role in bringing a sense of warmth and depth to your home decor as you transition into the fall season.

Natural Fiber Baskets

Display woven baskets made from natural fibers like seagrass, jute, or rattan. These baskets can serve as both functional storage solutions and decorative elements. Place them by the entryway to store scarves and gloves or in the living room to hold cozy throws.


Natural Wood Elements

Incorporate the warmth of wood textures through furniture and decor pieces. Choose pieces with a rustic or weathered finish to evoke a sense of fall charm.

Wood accents such as rustic wooden crates are a perfect touch for the fall season. Stack them to use as shelves or side tables to display fall decor items like pumpkins, gourds, and candles. You can also repurpose these crates as storage for magazines, books, or firewood.

Transition Your Home Decor From Summer To Fall: dried hydrangeas in cement and white ceramic vase

Decorative Textured Vases

Choose vases with interesting textures to showcase fall foliage or flowers. Look for options with intricate patterns, rough surfaces, or raised designs. Fill these vases with dried wheat stalks, branches, dried hydrangeas, or seasonal blooms to add texture to your space.

Woven Placemats and Chargers

Set the table with textured accessories such as woven placemats or chargers for fall. Pair them with autumn-inspired dinnerware to create a charming and inviting atmosphere.

Tactile Decorative Pillows

Select decorative throw pillows with textured fabrics like burlap, tweed, or velvet to create a tactile appeal on your sofas and chairs. These pillows provide visual interest while inviting you to relax and enjoy the comfort of your living space during the fall season.

Embrace Earthy Textures

Integrate various textured accessories that align with the earthy and cozy vibe of fall. Consider items like wooden bowls, ceramic vases with intricate patterns, or even textured pumpkins made of dried apple slices.

Cozy Knit Throws and Blankets

One of the biggest home decor transitions from summer to fall is to add warm blankets and throws to your spaces. Drape knit throws and cozy blankets over your sofas, armchairs, and beds. Choose chunky cable-knit or soft chenille fabrics in warm hues for fall like deep oranges, rustic browns, and golden yellows.

Transition Your Home Decor From Summer To Fall: god laying on white chair with gray and cream throw and pillow

5. Mix Patterns Like a Pro

Mixing patterns in your home decor can add a fun and dynamic touch to your fall decor. It’s easy to master the art of pattern mixing when decorating for fall.

Stick to a Unified Color Palette

To ensure that your mixed patterns harmonize well, start by selecting a cohesive color palette. Choose a few key colors that will tie all the patterns together. This way, even if the patterns vary, the shared colors will create a sense of unity and balance.

Vary Scale and Complexity

Mix patterns of different scales and complexities to avoid overwhelming the space. Pair a large-scale pattern, like a bold plaid, with a smaller, more elaborate one, such as a delicate floral. This contrast in pattern size creates visual interest without causing chaos.

Choose a Dominant Pattern

Select one pattern to serve as the anchor pattern in the room. This pattern should be larger and bolder than the others and should guide the rest of your pattern choices. The other patterns should complement and support the dominant pattern rather than compete with it.

fall living room decor

Use Neutral Patterns as Buffer

Incorporate neutral patterns, like solid colors or subtle textures, to act as buffers between bolder patterns. These neutral elements provide visual breaks and prevent the space from feeling too busy.

Follow the 60-30-10 Rule

When mixing patterns, allocate 60% of the room to the dominant pattern, 30% to a secondary pattern that contrasts with the dominant one, and 10% to an accent pattern that adds a pop of interest. This balance helps maintain visual harmony.

Transition Your Home Decor From Summer To Fall: woven cream pumpkin

6. Accessorize Your Seasonal Spaces With Autumn Elements

It’s easy to transition summer seashells to fall home decor like pumpkins and autumn leaves.

Create a Focal Point with White Pumpkins

Display a cluster of white pumpkins on a table or mantel as a focal point, mixing different sizes and shapes for visual interest. Pair them with autumn leaves and branches to add color and texture.

Fall Decor Under Glass Cloches

Use glass cloches to highlight small vignettes featuring fall elements. Place white pumpkins, pinecones, leaves, or even a small arrangement of wheat inside the cloches.

Centerpieces with Wheat and Amber Glass Bottles

Create rustic centerpieces using bundles of wheat in amber glass bottles. Arrange the bottles in a row down the center of your dining table or on a sideboard. The warm tones of the amber glass complement the fall color palette.

white cabinet and coffee table wtih brass candlesticks
white ironstone bowels and plates and cream pumpkin

Candlelit Ambiance with Candlesticks

Mix candlesticks into your fall decor for a warm and inviting vibe, choosing candlesticks in metallic finishes or rustic wood. Place them on your dining table, mantel, or as part of a vignette to create a cozy glow.


Transition Your Home Decor From Summer To Fall: fall centerpiece with flowers, green apples, and olive branches

7. Create A Fall Focal Point

Identify a central area in the room where you want to draw attention. This could be a coffee table table, a mantel, a dining table, or even an empty wall. Focus on key pieces and a few statement pieces rather than overwhelming your space with clutter.

Use Large-Scale Elements

Add larger decorative items that instantly catch the eye. For example, a large wall art piece featuring fall scenery, an oversized mirror with an ornate frame, or a substantial arrangement of autumn branches are all great examples to get a fall focal point started.

Embrace Color Contrast

Use colors that contrast with the room’s existing palette to make the focal point stand out. For instance, if your space has neutral tones, opt for warm and vibrant fall shades like deep oranges, rich browns, and golden yellows to create a visual contrast.

Transition Your Home Decor From Summer To Fall: light brown leather couch with doughball of green apples, candlesticks and tother fall decor
fall flower arrangement with dahlias
pumpkins and mums on table centerpiece

Layer Elements for Depth

Build depth and visual interest by layering elements in your focal point. Arranging a mix of fall decor like white pumpkins, candlesticks, and framed artwork will add dimension.

Transition Your Home Decor From Summer To Fall: drying flowers in the pantry

8. Dry Your Cut Flowers for Fall

Summer cut flowers transition beautifully to fall decor just by drying them. They can add a rustic and charming touch to your autumn spaces.

Choose Seasonal Blooms and Consider Color

Select flowers that are associated with the fall season, such as dried hydrangeas, strawflowers, wheat stalks, dried eucalyptus, and dried ornamental grasses.

When choosing dried flowers, pick colors that align with your fall color palette. Deep oranges, warm reds, earthy browns, and golden yellows will complement your seasonal space. Mixing in some neutral tones can help balance the arrangement.

Create Arrangements

Arrange the dried flowers in vases, pitchers, or even mason jars to create charming displays. Mix various types of dried blooms with different textures and heights. Bring in some natural elements like twigs or pinecones for added depth.

Add Textured Elements

Add textured elements to your dried flower arrangements by incorporating textured elements for a rustic fall feel. Tie raffia or twine around vases, place the arrangement in a woven basket, or use an old wooden crate as a base.

Transition Your Home Decor From Summer To Fall: magnolia leaves and dried orange wreath

9. Add Seasonal Wreaths and Garlands

Bringing seasonal wreaths and garlands into your home can instantly add the cozy charm of fall. Here are five tips to help you decorate your walls, front door, and more.

olive branch wreath
cream decorative fall wreath

Choose Fall-inspired Elements

Buy or create wreaths and garlands with fall-themed elements such as dried leaves, pinecones, acorns, berries, and even miniature pumpkins. Faux greenery such as olive branches and eucalyptus are also popular choices for the fall season.


Transition Your Home Decor From Summer To Fall: nature-inspired fall decor in metal bowl

10. Create Nature Inspired Centerpieces

Arranging a collection of nature-inspired fall decor makes a beautiful and inexpensive option for a centerpiece.

Gather Natural Elements

Collect items like branches, leaves, pinecones, acorns, twigs, dried flowers, gourds, and even small pumpkins. These elements will form the foundation of your centerpiece. You can even add cinnamon-scented pinecones for a fabulous fall scent.

Mix Textures and Colors

Combine a mix of textures and autumn colors to add depth and visual interest. Blend rough textures like pinecones and branches with softer elements like dried flowers, leaves, or berries. Incorporate warm tones like deep reds, oranges, and browns to capture a fabulous fall vibe.

Choose a Focal Point

Select a focal point for your centerpiece, such as a large pumpkin, a vase, or a wooden tray. This focal point will anchor your arrangement and guide the placement of the natural elements around it.

Consider Vessels

Choose vessels that align with the natural theme, such as wooden boxes, baskets, or ceramic vases with earthy finishes. These vessels provide a foundation for arranging your natural elements while adding to the overall rustic charm of the centerpiece.

shop fall decor favorites


dusty rose, cream, and green dried hydrangeas in dough bowl

11. Fill Up Your Dough Bowls With Autumn Decor

Filling dough bowls with autumn decor is a creative and rustically charming way to decorate your home for the fall season. I had seashells and blue glass balls in my bowls throughout the summer but found it so easy to transition to fall decor just by following these simple ideas.

Layer Natural Elements:

Begin by layering natural elements like dried leaves, pinecones, acorns, and mini pumpkins at the base of the dough bowl. These rustic elements provide a textured backdrop for the rest of your decor.

Incorporate Different Heights

Add varying heights to your dough bowl arrangement. Place taller elements like branches, wheat stalks, or tall dried flowers in the center and gradually transition to shorter items towards the edges. This adds depth and visual interest to the arrangement.

green apples in a rustic dough bowl
red faux apples in a rustic dough bowl
mini white pumpkins, olive branches and pinecones in a dough bowl

Mix in Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

Incorporate small pumpkins, gourds, apples, or pears into your wooden dough bowl. These fresh or faux seasonal fruits and vegetables not only add a pop of color but also contribute to the harvest-inspired theme of fall.

Enhance with Textiles

Introduce textiles like burlap ribbons, plaid fabric strips, or even small fabric pumpkins to tie in the fall theme. These textiles can be woven throughout the arrangement or used as a decorative base to elevate the overall look.

Personalize with Unique Items

Use your dough bowl for unique items that resonate with your personal style. Consider vintage books, antique keys, or LED candles in different heights and sizes to add a touch of personality to your dough bowl fall decor.

12. Embrace Mood Lighting for Fall

Transform your home from summer to fall with warm and soft lighting fixtures that cast a cozy glow. Mood lighting can significantly enhance the cozy and inviting atmosphere of your home’s fall decor.

Candles and Candleholders

Seasonal candles are perfect for creating a warm and cozy autumn feel. Choose candles in warm fall scents like pumpkin spice, fall harvest, salted caramel, vanilla chai, or apple butter. Pair them with elegant or rustic candleholders in metallic finishes or natural textures to enhance the overall aesthetic.


Cluster candles, candleholders, or tea lights on coffee tables, line them along window sills, or place them on mantels. The soft flickering of candlelight instantly creates an intimate and cozy atmosphere. LED candles are also available and can be a safer option.

String Lights and Fairy Lights

Hang string lights or fairy lights around key areas of your home. Drape them across mantels, wind them around banisters, or place them in a window seat area.

Decorative Lanterns

There are so many different options when it comes to indoor lanterns for your fall decor. Whether you choose rustic or metallic styling, this lighting option will give you a sense of outdoor charm this fall season.

Dimmer Switches

Install dimmer switches in rooms where you want to create mood lighting. Dimming the lights allows you to adjust the lighting depending on the specific ambiance you’re aiming for.

Transition Your Home Decor From Summer To Fall: fall harvested hydrangeas in farm sink

13. Add Fall Flowers and Greens

Be sure to add fall flowers and greenery to your fall decor. Here are a few ideas to help you incorporate beautiful blooms into your autumn decor.

Choose Fall-Friendly Blooms

Cut flowers that are in season during the fall, such as sunflowers, strawflowers, dahlias, chrysanthemums, and zinnias. These blooms come in rich, warm hues that perfectly capture the seasonal vibe.


Mix in Dried Elements

Combine fresh flowers with dried elements like wheat, eucalyptus, and dried leaves. These add texture and rustic touch to your arrangements.

planter of orange mums and white mini pumpkin
green and pink zinnias and pink hydrangeas
open shelves and flowers in fall kitchen

Create Colorful Centerpieces

Arrange fall flowers in vases or containers to create vibrant centerpieces. Combine blooms of different sizes and colors, and add greenery as a filler. Place these centerpieces on dining tables, mantels, nightstands, or entryway tables.

This is an easy transition from summer to fall home decor. I basically used a lot of the same flowers but choose to bring in more fall-like colors when decorating my home for the fall season.

Embrace Seasonal Foliage

Incorporate fall foliage like colorful maple leaves, branches, and twigs into your arrangements. These elements add depth and authenticity to your decor, bringing the outdoors inside.

Transition Your Home Decor From Summer To Fall: mantel fall decor

14. Create a Fall Mantel Display

Designing a fall fireplace mantel display is a wonderful way to bring fall to your living space.

Start with a Focal Point

Choose a central element to serve as the focal point of your mantel display. This could be a large piece of fall-inspired artwork, a rustic mirror, or even a decorative fall-themed sign. This focal point will anchor the arrangement and set the tone for the rest of your decor.

Layer with Greenery

Incorporate fall greenery like eucalyptus branches, dried leaves, and twigs to create a lush and textured backdrop. You can also add fresh or faux seasonal garlands to the mix.

Add Dimension with Varying Heights

Introduce elements of varying heights to your mantel display to create visual interest and balance. Place taller items like candlesticks, vases, or stacked books on each end, and gradually transition to shorter items toward the center.

Incorporate Fall Decor Mixing Textures and Materials

Use fall-themed decor elements like pumpkins, gourds, pinecones, and dried corn husks. Arrange them alongside the greenery and varying height items to create a cohesive and vibrant fall look.

Combine different textures and materials to add depth and warmth to your display. Incorporate elements like wooden candleholders, metallic lanterns, ceramic vases, and even woven baskets.

Balance with Symmetry or Asymmetry

Decide whether you want a symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangement. For a classic look, arrange items symmetrically on either side of the focal point. For a more relaxed and contemporary feel, opt for an asymmetrical arrangement that’s visually engaging.

Transition Your Home Decor From Summer To Fall : orange mums and white small pumpkins for a table centerpiece

15. Set a Fall Table

Put away the summer tableware and linens and transition to fall home decor by setting your dining table with autumn-inspired tableware and accessories. Incorporate rich-hued placemats, napkins, and table runners. Add touches like decorative pumpkins, acorn accents, and cozy tea light holders to complete the fall-themed look.

Select a Theme or Color Palette

Decide on a theme or color palette for fall. Warm and earthy tones like deep oranges, rustic browns, golden yellows, and rich reds are perfect for the season.

Layer Textiles and Tableware

Create your fall tablescape by layering the following textiles and tableware:

  • a table runner or tablecloth
  • chargers or placemats as the base
  • dinner plates, salad plates, and bowls

Mix and match tableware in coordinating colors and patterns to add depth and visual interest. Add cozy throws to the chairs or window seat for more fall vibes.

orange mums and white and green pumpkins
herb silverware pocket and fall flowers
rosemary silverware pouch
fall dahlias in a galvanized bucket and fruit for fall tablecscape
fall fruit and candle centerpiece

Incorporate Natural Elements

Create a stunning centerpiece by arranging a mix of fall flowers, foliage, and dried elements in a vase or container.

Bring the outdoors in with natural elements like fall leaves, pinecones, apples, pears, pumpkins, and gourds. Scatter them down the center of the table or arrange them in decorative bowls and baskets. These elements add texture and a touch of rustic charm.

Use Candles and Candleholders

Candles create an intimate and welcoming touch. Add candleholders, lanterns, or even floating candles to your tablescape. Consider varying the heights of the candles for added visual interest.

Personalize with Place Cards and Napkin Rings

Add a personal touch to each place setting with place cards and napkin rings. Use materials like twine, burlap, or miniature pumpkins to create unique and fall-themed placeholders.

Transition Your Home Decor From Summer To Fall: fall kitchen and living room view with red apples on the table

16. Use Fresh and Faux Seasonal Fruit

Incorporating fresh and faux fruit and vegetables into your fall decor can add a charming and rustic touch to your home.

Incorporate Dried Elements

Consider incorporating dried versions of fall produce, such as corn husks, dried corn cobs, and wheat bundles.

Enhance with Natural Accents

Integrate greenery, fall leaves, pinecones, and dried branches into your arrangements alongside the fruit and vegetables.

faux artichokes on plates
green pear on dish of fall place setting

Choose Seasonal Produce

Opt for fresh fruit and vegetables that are in season during the fall, such as apples, pears, pumpkins, gourds, and squashes. These items not only reflect the harvest season but also add vibrant colors and textures to your decor.

Combine Real and Faux Elements

Mix fresh produce with faux for a longer-lasting arrangement. Use real pumpkins or gourds as the base and complement them with faux fruits like apples or berries. You can also use all faux items for a long-lasting fall statement.

Transition Your Home Decor From Summer To Fall: living room fall focal point

17. Change Out Your Wall Decor

Changing out your wall decor is a great way to infuse your home with the cozy and inviting feeling of fall.

Swap Artwork and Prints

Replace your existing artwork and prints with pieces that reflect the fall theme. Look for paintings, prints, or photographs featuring autumn landscapes, colorful leaves, pumpkins, or harvest scenes.

Curate a gallery wall with a mix of fall-inspired art, photos, and decorative elements. Combine frames in various sizes, shapes, and finishes to add depth and visual interest. Incorporate both new fall-themed pieces and existing ones for a personalized touch.

Hang Seasonal Mirrors

Consider swapping out your mirrors for those with fall-inspired frames. Frames featuring warm wood tones, rustic finishes, or intricate autumn motifs can add a touch of seasonal charm while reflecting light and creating an illusion of space.

faux sunflowers in a vintage green container

18. Fill the House With Fall Scents

Infusing your home with fall scents is a wonderful way to enhance the cozy and inviting vibes of the season.

Use Fall-Scented Candles

Light a fall-inspired scented candle like pumpkin spice, apple butter, salted caramel, and vanilla chai. Place them strategically throughout your home to create a warm and fragrant ambiance.

Utilize Essential Oils

Use an essential oil diffuser to spread fall scents throughout your living spaces. Essential oils like cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and orange can be blended to create a custom autumn fragrance. Diffuse these oils in common areas or even in your bedroom this fall.

Simmer Potpourri on the Stove

Create a DIY simmer potpourri by simmering a mixture of water, spices, and fruits on your stove. Ingredients like cinnamon sticks, cloves, orange peels, and apple slices will quickly fill your home with the aroma of fall.

Bake Seasonal Treats

Indulge in fall baking, and let the delightful scents of pies, cookies, and bread waft through your home. Let your freshly baked goods help create a sensory connection to the season.

DIY Scented Potpourri

Create your own scented potpourri by combining dried elements like orange peels, cloves, cinnamon sticks, and dried herbs. Place the mixture in decorative bowls around your home this autumn season.

Transition Your Home Decor From Summer To Fall: white ironstone dishes and fall textures on open shelving

19. Warm Up Your Vignettes With Vintage Pieces

Adding vintage pieces to your vignettes can bring a sense of nostalgia and warmth to your fall decor. Whether you mix in vintage books, candlesticks, copper, or weathered baskets, your thrifted finds will definitely make a statement this fall.

Repurpose Antique Finds

Repurpose vintage items to serve new purposes in your vignettes. A couple of vintage suitcases can become a unique side table, an old wooden ladder can display blankets, or an antique washboard can hold a collection of fall-themed items.

Incorporate Autumn Colors

Integrate vintage pieces that feature warm fall colors like deep browns, burnt oranges, and rich golds. I was so excited to switch out some of my summer vintage home decor like jadeite dishes to transition to my copper collection for fall.

A copper pot or tea kettle will warm up the kitchen while resonating with the season and blending in with the surrounding fall decor.

Add Vintage Textiles

Mix in vintage textiles like lace doilies, crochet table runners, or old quilts as a backdrop for your vignettes.

Transition Your Home Decor From Summer To Fall: fall kitchen

I hope you found some ideas and inspiration you can use when you transition from summer to fall home decor.

Next up on the early fall decor inspiration blog hop is my friend Norma at Paint Me Pink. I know you’ll be inspired by her early fall decorating ideas. Be sure to head over to my other blogging friends’ blogs. You’ll find all the links below.

If you have any questions or additional suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments below. And be sure to share this blog post link with anyone who may find these fall transition tips useful.

Until next time,

Happy Fall Decorating!


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    Kim, take a moment and enjoy the season. Here is to you.

    1. Hi my friend,
      First of all, thank you so much for following along. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. I’m so glad you liked this post. The hanging flowers are actually in my pantry. Thanks again for reaching out.

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