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Christmas Tree Ideas and Inspiration for Your Small Spaces

Do you have trouble fitting a Christmas tree in your small apartment or home? I’ll show you some Christmas tree ideas that are sure to bring that holiday cheer to your small spaces during the holiday season.

You’ll see some of the ways I make my home festive and fabulous every holiday season despite the lack of room I have to put up a large traditional Christmas tree.

I do this by using many (yes, MANY) smaller Christmas trees, rather than the larger ones you usually see in the beautiful Christmas home tours this time of year.

Small decorated Christmas tree

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My friend Stacy at Bricks ‘n Blooms is hosting a Christmas tree blog hop with several talented bloggers sharing their Christmas tree decor. You can find each link at the end of this post.

mini Christmas tree in silver trophy cup

Best Christmas Tree Alternatives for Small Spaces

For those of us with limited living space, decking the halls can pose some unique challenges.

Small spaces often mean less room for a grand Christmas tree and the elaborate displays we see in larger homes. The struggle to strike a balance between holiday spirit and space constraints is real.

In this blog post, I’ll share some Christmas tree ideas and inspiration specifically tailored to small spaces, to help you make the most of every inch of your home while spreading the joy of the season.

Artificial Pre-Lit Trees

These types of Christmas trees have become a popular choice for many households during the holiday season.

Artificial pre-lit trees offer a convenient and time-saving solution that can help simplify the decorating process. With built-in lights, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of untangling and stringing up endless strands of Christmas lights.

They come in a variety of sizes, styles, and color schemes, allowing you to choose the perfect tree to fit your space and aesthetic preferences.

Real Trees

The tradition of bringing a real Christmas tree into our homes during the holiday season holds a special place in the hearts of many. While artificial trees have gained popularity for their convenience and reusability, there are undeniable benefits to opting for a real Christmas tree.

One of the biggest advantages is the natural fragrance that fills the air, instantly infusing your home with the delightful scent of pine. Real trees also offer a unique, organic charm with their individual shapes and imperfections, making each one truly one-of-a-kind.

Christmas tree in window with black dog

Tabletop Trees

This type of Christmas tree may be small in size, but one of its most significant advantages is its versatility.

These compact trees can fit in just about any space, making them ideal for apartments, small homes, offices, or even as an additional festive touch in larger rooms. They require minimal floor space, allowing you to maximize your living area while still enjoying the holiday spirit.

Tabletop trees are also incredibly easy to decorate. With fewer branches and a smaller overall surface area, you can quickly and affordably create a stunning display with ornaments, lights, and a tree topper.

Christmas Tree Ideas for Small Spaces

It would be hard to count all the smaller trees I have throughout my home. I will admit, I do have an obsession with them.

I put them in all the rooms in my home. Some of them are decorated and others are naked.

Small decorated Christmas tree

Mini Trees

Here’s one of my favorite artificial flocked Christmas trees.

Mini trees don’t need many ornaments to make them look festive. I love how this one looks in a vintage galvanized bucket.

Small Christmas tree decorated

Here’s a more rustic mini tree with a unique vintage wicker picnic basket as a container.

faux mini Christmas tree in ironstone bowl

Now here’s what you call a really mini tree! It looks so pretty and pops against white ironstone.

bottle brush trees and leaded glass window

Bottlebrush Trees

Bottlebrush trees are another great item to use during the holidays. I have put these trees in every room, and have developed a serious love for them.

And a bottle brush vignette would not be complete without a galvanized village.

naked Christmas tree in large basket

Undecorated Christmas Trees

I have plenty of “naked” Christmas trees around the house and love them just as much as my decorated ones. This one looks amazing in the hanging basket.

Christmas tree in cottage living room

Pencil Trees

I found out a few years ago that a tabletop tree isn’t the only option for a “cozy” space. A pencil tree is narrow and can be a perfect addition to any small room.

red themed Christmas tree

I now have a few of these Christmas trees at home. Mine are 6-7 ft. tall and really don’t take much room width-wise.

blue and white Christmas tree

I bought this flocked Christmas tree from Amazon this year and LOVE IT! Aren’t the blue ornaments beautiful?

decorated Christmas tree in cottage living room

Faux vs. Fresh Christmas Trees

It’s hard to tell which Christmas trees are alive and which are artificial these days. They make the most realistic faux Christmas trees, wreaths, and garlands these days.

small Christmas trees in living room

The Norfolk pine tree above is a faux tree but we had one the year before that was fresh. They looked very similar.

rosemary tree and vintage typewriter

Looking for live tabletop Christmas trees?

Trader Joe’s does not disappoint around the holidays with their gorgeous rosemary topiary tree. And they smell amazing!

Decorating Small Space Christmas Trees

Ornaments on a small decorated Christmas tree

Small Space Christmas Tree Ornament Ideas

My decor style is more of a casual cottage feel. Our 1920 beach cottage is not a fancy or formal one and is decorated depending on what mood I’m in. Again, we don’t plan much around here.

mini Christmas tree in vintage crock

Containers & Special Touches

I always try to change up the containers I put my Christmas trees. Vintage stoneware crocks are the perfect container for fresh or faux pine trees.

Faux artificial Christmas trees in a dough bowl

This wooden dough bowl gives these cute flocked artificial trees a festive look.

mini Christmas tree with pinecones

Check out this beautiful copper container I found at a flea market. Stools are used a lot around our house for mini trees. You can basically put one anywhere in your house.

Decorated Christmas tree

I loved this woven holiday tree collar and it’s a perfect space for piling small packages under the tree.

Ornaments in a wooden crate

Where to Put All Those Extra Ornaments

Ever since we moved into our 1600 square foot house, we can only use small Christmas tree decorations that aren’t too heavy for a smaller tree.

Because of this, I have so many pretty ornaments left over from the years past. They look amazing in vintage wooden boxes, crates, wire baskets…basically, anywhere I can fit them.

Dough bowls are my favorite way to show off my larger Christmas ornaments.

coastal Christmas tree theme

Common Questions About Small Space Christmas Trees

How Do You Arrange a Christmas Tree in a Small Room?

Opt for a smaller or slim tree that won’t overwhelm the room. Measure the available floor space and ceiling height to ensure a perfect fit. Once you’ve chosen the right tree, think about its placement.

Corners are often the best choice in small rooms, as they maximize floor space while allowing the tree to be a prominent focal point. If you have limited floor space, consider placing it on a tabletop or decorative stand to elevate it.

What is the Best Real Christmas Tree for a Narrow Space?

For those with limited space, choosing the perfect real Christmas tree involves a few key considerations. Look for ‘slim’ or ‘pencil’ trees, opt for naturally narrower varieties like Fraser or Noble firs, and don’t hesitate to ask for pruning if needed.

Tabletop trees are a great space-saving choice, and positioning your tree in a corner can maximize your space. Remember to measure your room’s dimensions, and for those with outdoor space, consider a potted tree that can be planted after the holidays.

Where Do You Put a Christmas Tree in a Tiny House?

In a tiny house, finding the perfect spot for your Christmas tree involves some creative planning. Consider placing your tree in a corner to save floor space and ensure easy movement.

Opt for a wall-mounted or tabletop tree to make the most of your limited room. Foldable or pop-up trees are practical for storage in tiny spaces, and multi-functional furniture can double as a display area.

If you have outdoor space, porch or window placement allows you to enjoy the holiday spirit without overwhelming your cozy interior.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed your time here. Our Christmas tree blog hop continues with my friend Kristin from White Arrows Home.

You will fall in love with her magical and cozy cabin in the woods. It’s seriously like being in a Hallmark movie. You can find links to all the inspiring Christmas tree blog posts below.

If you have any questions or additional suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments below. And be sure to share this blog post link with anyone who may find these Christmas decor tips useful.

Until next time,

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Kim, all of your tree ideas are so adorable. I love that you don’t have to have a big tree to make an impact and add a bit of holiday cheer to your home. And of course, I love the way you incorporated vintage pieces too. I pinned your post so I can use some of these ideas in my home next year.

  2. Kim I love all of your pretty ideas for decorating in small spaces. You create the most beautiful vignettes and make the best use of every square inch! LOVE!

  3. Oh my goodness! I love your collection of trees! The mini tree in the ironstone may be my favorite. It’s so cute.

  4. I love all these ideas. My favorite is the tree in the silver ice bucket…so pretty! Just got a TJ rosemary tree too, they are the best place for plants and greens.

  5. I adore your collection of small trees Kim. I am like you and cannot stop buying them. I will go to therapy with you, LOL .
    Your sure did a beautiful job displaying them all.

  6. Totally festive and wintery and beautiful! I don’t have a fireplace either, but I use my entertainment center and my Christmas tree corner as the primary focal points in the room and they make me so happy!

  7. Kim, your small trees are a great idea. We bit off more than we could chew when we bought a very large faux tree a few years ago. Small trees are more manageable, for sure. I especially love all the containers that you put your trees in ~ they add o much to the style and ambiance of the settings. How cozy and warm your cottage is. Happy Holidays as you enjoy your cottage.

  8. Just loved touring your pretty cottage and seeing all your little trees. You’ve styled your home perfectly for Christmas. So many amazing details. And we loved seeing your before photos…always love to see an awesome transformation!. Merry Christmas!

  9. I love how you style your small trees! They are absolutely precious and beautiful! I’m suddenly wanting to go add a few more trees to my house!

  10. Kim I love how many trees you have in your beach cottage! I have to admit… I think we have similar organizing and planning skills. I rarely plan and I like to just go with the flow. Maybe someday we will get organized. Until then we can enjoy all of the pretty decor and Christmas magic! Merry Christmas!

  11. Wow Kim, I could spend all day scrolling through your blog post looking at your beautiful trees! I love your decorations and all your creative containers. So much inspiration! Great hopping with you – have a wonderful Christmas!

  12. Your Christmas decor is so cozy and I love how many little trees you’ve included in your decor! I have a minor obsession with mini trees as well (actually with Christmas items in general, lol)! I had fun reading your About Me page too Kim, I think we’d be great friends bc I am not an organized person either ? I try but I’m much more impulsive! Thanks for sharing your cute Christmas cottage!! I hope you enjoy the holiday season!

  13. Kim, you have so many darling trees! I love the way you’ve decorated them and your creative containers! Merry Christmas! Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  14. I love your tour. I have 10 ft ceilings and don’t have tall trees. Been there done that.

    We also had to make our 7 ft tree shorter to protect our girl Peanut. You may remember she’s blind now. Our pups cone first.

    I’m with and very addicted to bottle brush trees. If you follow along with my Christmas tours you’ll see I havequite a collection. Ga, ha, I still want more.

    Your trees look great in their containers.


  15. You should know by now that I love every inch, nook and cranny of your fun and festive home. It’s all so perfectly decorated and charming! After seeing all of your trees, I’m going shopping after Christmas to get more! Your “sickness” must be contagious! Love hopping with you. Merry Christmas. Pinned (but not the before you don’t like) LOL

  16. You HAVE come a long way, baby! But that’s not to say your home in the beginning wasn’t lovely… just different. Love all your trees in your tiny space! They are perfect, and inspiring! PInned (and not the big tree).

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